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LibCPIXE / News: Recent posts

Code moved to github

The code repository has been moved to github:


The old svn is still there for reference, but is now outdated.

Posted by Carlos Pascual 2016-10-12

Status update for the cpixe project.

As you may notice, the cpixe project is not getting many updates lately.
You may wonder if this means that it is dead.

Well, not exactly. libcpixe is still maintained, but it is essentially considered stable and we just do bugfixed when requested.

Posted by Carlos Pascual 2013-03-20

Upgrade to new Sourceforge Project (svn repo changed)

The cpixe project has been upgraded to the new Allura platform at Sourceforge.
As a consequence the way to access the svn repositoy has changed. See:

Posted by Carlos Pascual 2013-03-20

Documentation for v0.2 available

After uploading version 0.2 of libcpixe to the SVN repository, here comes the corresponding documentation for the API (with new great graphs included!!).
Check it at the documentation section:

Posted by Carlos Pascual 2007-12-09

SVN access

I forgot to mention how to access to the SVN development version. The base directory of the SVN repository is:

For info on using SVN, check:

Posted by Carlos Pascual 2007-12-08

Version 0.2 now in SVN

I just uploaded a development version (v0.2) of libcpixe to the Subversion server. As soon as this version gets checked, it will be officially released through the File release system.
The SVN is a development version as as such is not necessarily stable and may be buggy. This said, it is far better than the old stable 0.1 and is recommended.

Posted by Carlos Pascual 2007-12-08

Free preprints of the papers

The documentation section (http://cpixe.sourceforge.net/docs.php) now contains links to the preprints of the related papers (as well as to the published journal version).
The preprints are available for free (thanks to http://arXiv.org\), because a free library like LibCPIXE deserves open access to the related scientific publications.

Posted by Carlos Pascual 2007-07-18

Starting to update the page.

It has been a long time since the last update.
Some things have been moving with LibCPIXE which haven't been reflected in the project web page.
I will be trying to update the page in the following weeks.
But just as a note, here are the main things that will go to the update:
* 4 papers have been published on the use of LibCPIXE

* The Nuno's Data Furnace (NDF) program is now officially shipping LibCPIXE.... read more

Posted by Carlos Pascual 2007-06-27

API reference manual for LibCPIXE released (html version)

The LibCPIXE's Application Programming Interface documentation has been released and placed in the documentation section [ http://cpixe.sourceforge.net/docs.php ].

It is provided hoping that it might be useful as a guide for developers trying to learn the library details. It is *not* a tutorial (i.e. end users won't find it useful).

This API manual has been automatically generated from source code comments using the Doxigen documentation tool. It contains descriptions of each file, function, structure,... in the LibCPIXE source code, with cross references to the source code.... read more

Posted by Carlos Pascual 2005-07-15

Things are moving: web page redesign

I am redesigning the LibCPIXE project web page.
These news are an example. Check them to know about important changes, new releases, etc.
Other features will be gradually included such as:
a)an API reference for LibCPIXE.
b)Detailed installation instructions.
c)Links to the LibCPIXE paper preprints.

Note that support about LibCPIXE can now also be obtained via the Help Forum:
Of course, directly emailing me ( http://cpixe.sourceforge.net#CONTACT ) is also possible.... read more

Posted by Carlos Pascual 2005-07-14

Successful presentation at IBA2005

LibCPIXE was presented during the 17th International Conference on Ion Beam Analysis (IBA2005, http://www.us.es/iba2005/ ) .
A poster was presented and a talk regarding the integration of LibCPIXE into DataFurnace was also given. Two papers are on the way.
I hope this is the beginning of a nice and long road...


Posted by Carlos Pascual 2005-07-13