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REL_1.13 -- fixes for hpux

Thanks to Ritesh Rai for helping get covtool working on hpux.

release 1.13 fixes some buffer sizes in covtool.exe and odd error cases in the runtime data collector.

Posted by Lowell Boggs, Jr. 2004-03-26

support for building on SunOS

A anonymous user sent me some changes to my
build logic that and makefiles that are supposed to
make compilation on SunOS work. They don't break
Linux, so I included them. Given what I know of HP
and AIX, I included build rules for them as well --
although they are untested.

Posted by Lowell Boggs, Jr. 2002-08-30

Major bug fix to covtool.c

rel_1.9 contains a major bug fix to covtool.c that
caused the processing of templates to go badly
wrong. Why this ever worked is beyond me.

Thanks to Joe for helping find thisproblem!

Posted by Lowell Boggs, Jr. 2002-08-17

rel 1.8 hopefully fixes compile errors in g++ 2.96

Thanks to Joe for reporting a problem with covtool
compiling on g++ 2.96 (on redhat).

Sorry you had to have this problem. Hopefully
rel_1.8 will fix it.

Posted by Lowell Boggs, Jr. 2002-08-17

Please use rel 1.7 folks

For some reason, the source force data file download
facility is showing rel 1.6 as the latest release even
though there is a 1.7. For a brief period 1.7 did show
up as first then magically got switched one day.

I don't know why.

However, rel 1.7 is better than 1.6 in that there is
less work you have to do to use the tool.

Posted by Lowell Boggs, Jr. 2002-08-12

First release available

The first release of COVTOOL is now available for
download. This release has been tested on SuSe
Linux, 7.2.

All of the /usr/include/g++ headers have instrumented
well and covtool instruments itself well -- and makes
extensive use of STL headers, containers, and

I have made no attempt to compile on any other
platform at this time. Check out the project home
page at

Posted by Lowell Boggs, Jr. 2002-07-10