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We have been a bit quiet "publicly" over recent months, although there has been frenetic activity on CVS. You probably wouldnt have noticed with SF's activity monitor being borken.

In this time we have upgraded the AuthN and AuthZ system to take advantage of JAAS, added complete per course skins and added a generic WebApp tool that enables you to embed any Web Based tool into the Coursework framework. The RC1 has undergone extensive testing and is currently running live at Cambridge.... read more

Posted by Ian Boston 2004-04-27

v2.5 RC2 Released

We have now released RC2 for version 2.5. This includes most of the fixes provided by testers.

Posted by Ian Boston 2003-10-31

Discussion Tool in CVS v2.5

We have just added a discussion tool to coursework 2.5 in CVS. Not exactly news for those who are wanting it in a download, but it does provided embedded discussion functionality in cousework. The tool is based on LetsTalkXML which uses Cocoon 2.0.4 and includes definable workflow capabilities.

Posted by Ian Boston 2003-10-27

Coursework 2.5 RC1

We have released a RC1 for v2.5 of Coursework on Postgres. This is based on the Stanford Coursework 2.5 on Oracle version.

Posted by Ian Boston 2003-09-15

Coursework 2.5 to Postgres Port Started

We have just started on the Port of CW 2.5 on Oracle to Postgres. It is felt that this port should be straigthforward although most of the database layer has been changed from java.sql.* to an OKI based layer. Once the port is complete we will cross port existing tools and make a RC1 release.

Posted by Ian Boston 2003-08-21

CW-PG-2.1 CVS Repository Imported

We have imported the Coursework on Postgres 2.1 Repository into Sourceforge CVS. It may take a day or so to become browsable by the web, but you should be able to access get the code via cvs itself.

Posted by Ian Boston 2003-08-20

Coursework on Postgres 2.1 Released

We have released Coursework on Postgres 2.1. This release contains the Coursework VLE ported from Oracle to PostgresQL.

Posted by Ian Boston 2003-08-15

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