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Unable to fully connect to WinVNC (Ultr@VNC)

  • David

    David - 2005-04-06

    Using Chicken of the VNC 2.0b2 on a PowerBook G4 running 10.3.8
    I am unable to fully connect to a Windows box (XP Pro SP2) running
    Ultr@VNC 1.0.0 RC20.3

    A connection is established and authenticated then Chicken of the
    VNC Gives the dialog: Connection Terminated: Unknown Message
    Type 104

    Ports, passwords, encodings are correct. Any hints, suggestions?



    • klburkhart

      klburkhart - 2005-04-14

      Make sure that the Windows machine is not at the "welcome screen" or "user-switch" screen.  At my office, I had to disable the welcome screen before I could connect via vnc from my ibook.

    • Rob Terrell

      Rob Terrell - 2005-04-21

      I have the same problem connecting to UltraVNC on Win2k. The UltraVNC Win32 client and the Java applet client have no trouble connecting to that computer. VNCThing has a similar problem connecting.

    • John Madden

      John Madden - 2005-04-25

      Also having problems connecting to UltraVNC 1.0.0 RC20.3 under XP when running CotVNC 2.0b2 under 10.3.9.

      But my problem is the previously-mentioned in an older thread "Unknown rectangle encoding XXXXX -> exiting" issue.

      Earlier thread says this one is probably fixed in 2.0b3. I'm not savvy enough to download the b3 source and do a build. So I'm wondering if maybe a b3 executable might be coming soon?


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