#62 ZlibHex unknown subencoding 113


This error is encountered on a 400MHz G3 iMac running
Mac OS 10.2.8 when using Chicken of the VNC version
1.3.6, trying to connect to a PC (Windows XP) running
version 3.3.7 of WinVNC server (Build Nov 27 2002

Network settings on the Mac are set to use DHCP on a
class B network ( No client ID is
designated on the Mac and it has a single DNS entry.
The Mac is set to use a web proxy using port 3128.

The error is encountered when *ALL* the protocols are
enabled by default *AND* Enable CopyRect Encoding is
enabled in the profile settings of the Chicken client. If
the RFB-Pixelformat is set to 8-Bit RGB and the Tight,
Zlib, ZlibHex, Hextile & RRE protocols are switched
*OFF* within Protocol Parameters of the profile
settings, the connection works fine without error.

I suspect that the error is due to the fact that the
disabled protocols are not available on the WinVNC
server. Whatever settings are used, the error should not
be generated. Perhaps there is a bug in the initial dialog
between the client & server when establishing what
protocols are available and what protocols should be
used for the actual connection?

Neil Griffiths <neil.griffiths@don.ac.uk>


  • Jason Harris

    Jason Harris - 2004-08-18
    • status: open --> closed-duplicate
  • Jason Harris

    Jason Harris - 2004-08-18

    Logged In: YES

    Duplicate bug, see Bug #688352. Closing this one.


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