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Corendal Directory Version 3 released

This third major version of Corendal directory allows the creation accounts and groups and the reset of passwords. It also allows the editing of MS Exchange and MS Communicator attributes.

Posted by Thierry Danard 2008-11-29

Corendal Directory 2.0 released

Corendal Directory has been completely refactored to integrate natively with Active Directory. Your Active Directory database is queried in real time. A change to an account in Active Directory is immediately visible in the application. Users can still create groups that are local to the application.

Here is a summary of the other new features:

- Corendal Directory uses the Apache Velocity templating engine for layout. You can easily customize the application to fit your corporate standards... read more

Posted by Thierry Danard 2006-05-07

First release

This is the first release of Corendal Directory.

Corendal Directory is used by all Corendal applications for user management. This web-based application is the central repository of all valid accounts as well as valid groups of users.

See demo at

Posted by Thierry Danard 2005-04-26