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ControlTier 3.4.5 Alternate download links

Sourceforge files are not displaying correctly, so these alternate URLs can be used to download ControlTier 3.4.5 in the mean time

Posted by Greg Schueler 2009-07-01

ControlTier 3.4.5 Released

Posted by Greg Schueler 2009-06-23

ControlTier 3.4.4 Released

Posted by Greg Schueler 2009-06-02

ControlTier 3.4.3 released

Posted by DamonEdwards 2009-05-07

ControlTier 3.4.2 released

Posted by DamonEdwards 2009-04-02

ControlTier-3.4.1 released

Posted by Greg Schueler 2009-02-17

ControlTier 3.2.4 Released

The latest 3.2 release has been published to the ControlTier downloads area. This release contains a number of bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Posted by Alex Honor 2008-12-16

ControlTier 3.1-rc2 Released

Download it here:

What's New since 3.1-rc1:

A Maven 2 plugin was created for antdepo, and a Maven archetype was created to support using maven to build a ControlTier Library Jar. See

Changes since 3.1-rc1:

bugfix: Change-Dependencies command used by Updaters now correctly allows multiple package files with the same type and version when allowMultiples is true, but the dependency constraints between the deployment and its packages is not exactly specified.... read more

Posted by Greg Schueler 2008-02-05

ControlTier 3.1-rc1 released

ControlTier 3.1-rc1 has been released. Download on sourceforge:

Posted by Greg Schueler 2007-11-20

ControlTier 3.0rc4 released

The ControlTier 3.0rc4 release has been posted on

Release Notes:

ControlTier 3.0rc4 release (6/6/2007)

Workbench (itnav-3.0rc4.war)

Newly created projects now have valid created.

Bugfix: blank revision numbers in were causing Get-Properties to not work

Disabled Project Copy action from Admin page as it does not function correctly and creates a corrupt project.... read more

Posted by Greg Schueler 2007-06-07

3.0rc1 Released

Posted by Alex Honor 2007-03-01

3.0b3 Released

There are a variety of usability enhancements and bug fixes that came out of the last round of user testing. Reporting has also been significantly enhanced.

*New Installer*
The most important new development in this release is the ControlTier Installer. This is now the fastest way to get started with ControlTier. The installer installs and configures both the ControlTier Server and Client on a single node. It has been tested on Linux (Red Hat and CentOS), Solaris on x86, and Mac OS X. Instructions on getting and using the Installer: read more

Posted by Alex Honor 2006-08-02