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Construct Classic / News: Recent posts

Construct 0.98.9 released

Construct, the free open-source DirectX game creator, has been updated to version 0.98.9! Download here: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/construct/Construct0989_setup.exe

Find more information such as the changelog at: http://www.scirra.com

Posted by Ashley 2009-03-10

Construct 0.98.8 released

Construct 0.98.8 has been released! Download now: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/construct/Construct0988_setup_.exe

Construct is a free open-source DirectX game creator.

Posted by Ashley 2009-02-24

Construct 0.98.7 released

Construct 0.98.7 has been released, introducing more bug fixes. Download now: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/construct/Construct0987_setup.exe

Posted by Ashley 2009-01-29

Construct 0.98.6 releasd

Construct, the free open-source DirectX game creator, has been updated to 0.98.6, featuring bug fixes, new additions, and improvements.

Download here: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/construct/Construct0986_setup.exe

Posted by Ashley 2009-01-23

Construct 0.98.5 released

Construct, the free open-source DirectX game creator, has been updated to version 0.98.5. Download now: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/construct/Construct0985_setup.exe

Posted by Ashley 2009-01-12

Construct 0.98.4 released

Construct, the free oepn-source DirectX game creator, has had version 0.98.4 released. Download here:

This version includes a plethora of bug fixes and some new features.

Posted by Ashley 2009-01-11

Construct 0.98.3 released

Construct, the free open-source DirectX game creator, has been updated to version 0.98.3. Download now!


Posted by Ashley 2008-12-31

Construct 0.98.2 released

Construct, the free open-source DirectX game creator, has just been updated to version 0.98.2. Features in this major build version also include a new bone animation system.

Download now: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/construct/Construct0982_setup.exe?use_mirror=

Posted by Ashley 2008-12-26

Construct 0.98 released

Construct 0.98 has been released, a major new update featuring the Bone animation system. Download now:

Posted by Ashley 2008-12-24

Construct 0.97.7 released

Construct 0.97.7 has been released - download it now!


This build includes lots of bug fixes and some minor new features. See forums for full changelog.

Posted by Ashley 2008-11-15

Construct 0.97.5 released

Construct 0.97.5 has been released, including a number of bug fixes. Download now:


Posted by Ashley 2008-09-27

Construct 0.97.2 released

Construct 0.97.2 has been released, to patch some issues found with the 0.97 release. Download it here:


Posted by Ashley 2008-09-02

Construct 0.97 released

Download now:

Construct 0.97 is a major update including theming, better family support, a new Plasma object, mesh distortion in Sprites, several other new features, and many significant bug fixes. See the forums at www.scirra.com for a full changelog.

Posted by Ashley 2008-08-30

Construct 0.96.3 released

Construct 0.96.3 introduces layer and display rotation, a new physics engine, and code to prevent your .cap files from becoming corrupted. Download now:


Posted by Ashley 2008-07-29

Construct 0.96.2 released

Construct 0.96.2 has been released - download now:


Posted by Ashley 2008-07-09

Construct 0.96 released

Construct 0.96 has been released:


Construct 0.96 features slow-motion effects, new audio features, stability improvements, and a large number of bug fixes. See the changelog for more information.

Posted by Ashley 2008-07-03

Construct 0.95.3 released

Construct 0.95.3 has been released, with a few bug fixes and additions, to keep you entertained while Ashley goes on holiday :P


Posted by Ashley 2008-06-05

Construct 0.95.2 released

Construct 0.95.2 has been released, improving stability and reliability of file saving, as well as usability fixes. Download now:


Posted by Ashley 2008-05-25

Construct 0.95 released

Construct 0.95 has been released, providing many new updates ranging from a dynamic shadows engine to particle effects and many bugfixes.

Download now:

Posted by Ashley 2008-05-18

Construct 0.94.3 released

Construct 0.94.3 has been released, improving the stability of the previous build and including two new 3D effects - Bumpmapping and Heightmapping.


Posted by Ashley 2008-04-15

Construct 0.94.2 released

Construct 0.94.2 fixes a serious memory leak and some crashes which were discovered in the 0.94 release.

Download now: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/construct/Construct0942.zip?use_mirror=osdn

Posted by Ashley 2008-04-10

Construct: 0.94 released

DirectX-based easy game and application creation tool in a drag & drop environment. Python support is included for advanced users, though a simple event driven interface is available.

A major update in features and stability, Construct 0.94 has been released after a three week wait.


Posted by Ashley 2008-04-09

Construct 0.93 released

Construct 0.93 has been released, download it here:


Featuring a long list of fixes, changes and additions - see the forums for more information!


Posted by Ashley 2008-03-17

Construct 0.92 released

Construct 0.92 has been released, and includes important critical updates. You should update as soon as possible:


This build includes a lots of fixes as well as some interesting new features, such as the new Motion Blur effect in the DirectX 9 runtime.

Posted by Ashley 2008-03-05

Construct 0.91 released with Python support

Construct 0.91 has been released, with support for integrated Python scripting. Download here:


For information about Python support in this build, see the following forum post:


Posted by Ashley 2008-02-20