#17 Console recursively opens many windows and crashes


I ran Console once successfully. As part of this first run, I set my shell to be Console.exe. (I understand why this was stupid.) I also changed other settings such as window/text color and window size. Upon running Console.exe a second time, it spawned a seemingly unlimited number of processes, all of which instantly crashed with a runtime library error -- at least 56 processes, though of course I started killing them as they arose. This is repeatable even after restart.

My guess is that this is a result of Console.exe trying to launch itself as its default shell. I cannot, however, find where Console stores this information on my machine so that I can delete it. I have deleted and re-unzipped the binaries, and deleted the console.xml file. I have searched the Registry and come up with nothing obvious. I do not know how to correct this issue.


  • D. Allan Drummond

    • priority: 5 --> 9
  • Kirill

    Kirill - 2011-12-24

    You will find your user-specific console.xml in


    Just copy-and-paste the above into explorer's address bar or into the dialog, opened with WinKey+R.

    I see how it may seem like a bug, but I still re-classified it as a support request.

  • Kirill

    Kirill - 2011-12-24
    • status: open --> pending
  • D. Allan Drummond

    Thank you. Fair enough about the re-classification. Given how massive a problem it causes, it seems wise to either disallow addition of Console.exe as a shell, or to handle its addition more gracefully.

  • Nagrami

    Nagrami - 2013-10-05

    Unfortunately, I ran into exact same issue! So, has any found a workaround for this problem till the issue is resolved? Obviously, I am not competent enough to figure this out. I am sure someone knows how to fix it and provide us a nice simple fix. Thanks guys!!

  • Nagrami

    Nagrami - 2013-10-05

    Sorry, I didnt see the workaround from Krill above. That worked for me. Thanks Krill!


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