#206 MRU mode for CTRL-TAB

Mark Bulas

I would love to see Console have support for cycling through the tabs using Most Recently Used mode.

I'm sure everybody's probably familiar with how this should operate, but just to make sure the request is clear here's a description of the way this would work:

- Let's say you have three open tabs, Tab 1, Tab 2, and Tab 3

- Tab 1 is currently the active one

- You click over to Tab 3 to activate that one

- You press Ctrl-Tab, and it cycles to the "most recently used" tab, meaning Tab 1 becomes active and Tab 3 is added to the top of the MRU List.

- After working in Tab 1 for awhile, you hit Ctrl-Tab again. This time since Tab 3 was the most recently used tab, that is the one that becomes active, and Tab 1 is now added to the MRU List.

- You now click on Tab 2 to work in that one. Tab 3 is now at the top of the MRU List, with Tab 1 underneath it.

- Now you hit Ctrl-Tab, and switch to Tab 3. Still holding Ctrl down, you hit Tab again. This makes Tab 1 active, and pushes Tab 2 on top of Tab 3 in the MRU List.


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    That's a good idea, but keyboard cycling should include some kind of a timeout. Otherwise, you'll be switching between two latest tabs...

    So, when activating a tab using mouse, activated tab is moved to the top of MRU list. When activating a tab using keyboard, the tab is moved to the top of MRU list after a short timeout (1 or 2 seconds). This way you can cycle through entire MRU list and find the tab you want.

  • Kirill

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    It is also probably possible to switch the tab on WM_KEYUP of Ctrl (or the first modifier of a key combination).

    Note: I'm not exactly big fan of the idea, just because I did not see tabbed interfaces, working this way. Might be good, given that Alt+Tab in the OS works this way.