Not able to highlight text for copy/paste

Andy Holt
  • Andy Holt

    Andy Holt - 2009-04-24

    Hi all.

    Anyone know why a PC might stop me from highlighting text in a Console window?

    I have to say I'm seeing the same behaviour with regular cmd.exe as well as Console, and then only when my Dell laptop is on its docking station.  When it's not docked, I can highlight text fine.  So, this isn't a Console problem, but a problem with my laptop.  I downloaded and installed Console just to see if it would suffer the same issue as cmd.exe, and it does.  Anyone else seen anything like this?

    cheers Andy

    • Andy Holt

      Andy Holt - 2009-04-24

      RTFM Damn RTFM and also read previous posts :-)

      I see now that Shift is required (by default anyway) for selecting text.  Woo-hoo, that works fine, even when laptop is docked.  Right, I will definitely be sticking with Console now.  Excellent!


    • Andy Holt

      Andy Holt - 2009-04-24

      Is there a way for the highlighting of text to work more like cmd.exe, i.e. if I highlight some text, but then decide I want to highlight a different section instead, I don't have to press Esc or Right-Click or something first?

      cheers, Andy

    • Roger Pack

      Roger Pack - 2009-04-24

      yep--check the options.  I think it's "copy on highlight" + "deselect on copy" [maybe]?


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