Why do not you contribute to Poderosa

  • Maciej Jablonski

    Poderosa is very similar project, multiple tabs to run different shells, UART/putty terminals.
    Actually all one need in poderosa is to add control key support as CTRL+C CTRL+Z and command lookup as those are not passed to cmd session properly.

    Beside that poderosa seem to be more mature project with all those extra communication capabilities.

    • psyXonova psyXonof

      To my understanding Poderosa project is inactive for a very long time. I've used it extensively in the past until Console fixed the problems with 64bit Vista. Now, I am forced to use it again because console doesn't work on Windows 7 RC. Still, Poderosa has several problems and IMO console is a better solution for my needs (99% i use it to multiple tabs of Cygwin)

      • Maciej Jablonski

        That is a pity with Poderosa. I hope console project will do better as it address broader range of people (cmd.exe users). I hope Console will finally get features like embedded putty terminal, RS232 connections, saving sessions and copy all (all text from buffer).


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