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Conquest of Time 0.0.5 released

New release with smarter AI, two more unit commands, advanced explore function and some more changes.

If you like, get the new tutorial also.

Enjoy playing!

Posted by Matthias 2006-05-21

Conquest of Time 0.0.4 released

Next release, more fun!

Three new types of unit have been added:
Use settlers to build new cities,
use fighters to clear up the area,
use transporters to get your units overseas!

The map generator has been changed that there are large seas now!

Enjoy playing!

Posted by Matthias 2006-02-12

Remember: Java 1.5 needed...!

If you want to run "Conquest of Time":

You need at least Java 1.5.0!
You may download the JRE 1.5.0 or the JDK 1.5.0 from

Some guys told me,"Conquest of Time" doesn't run on their machines - they still had Java 1.4.2, that's why I mention it.

Enjoy playing!

Posted by Matthias 2006-02-09

Conquest of Time 0.0.3 released

"Conquest of Time" 0.0.3 is available for download now!

See the release notes:

Conquest of Time 0.0.3

Main New Features:

* saving/restoring game
* statistic at the end of the game
* improved map overview
* new 'escort' command for units
* active units show aims of 'goto'/'escort' command
* removed some old bugs
* added fresh bugs :-)


- more unit types will be added in 0.0.4
- the AI will be improved in 0.0.5... read more

Posted by Matthias 2006-02-04

Conquest of Time 0.0.2 released

"Conquest of Time" 0.0.2 is available for download now!

See the release notes:

Conquest of Time 0.0.2

Main New features:

* city detail screen (incl. production change)
* up to four players (theoretically unlimited)
* map overview
* internal separation of client and main program
* internal message system
* plenty new bugs


If you want a more tough computer opponent
you should stick to release 0.0.1:... read more

Posted by Matthias 2006-01-28

Happy New Year 2006 - Release 0.0.2 announcement

Conquest of Time 0.0.2 will be released in January!

It will be completely redesigned in order to support network functionality in future releases. The AI will be disabled until it is working correctly- so, if you do need compete against the computer, you should use 0.0.1!

You find screenshots of the current 0.0.2-builds in the screenshot section.

Happy New Year 2006!

Posted by Matthias 2005-12-31

Conquest of Time 0.0.1 released

The first release of "Conquest of Time" is available for download.

Conquest of Time is a turn bases strategy game written in Java (>= 1.5) and based on games like Civilization, Empire & Imperium.

It is playable in two-player or one-player mode right now.

Posted by Matthias 2005-12-20

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