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Version .91 Released

Fixed all outstanding bugs except for the non-functional Judge checkbox, which was removed. Judge tracking has been pushed off into a post v1.0 release.

This is the first release that was actually exported out of CVS, as opposed to just checked out. So you won't have CVS directories, or a lot of the other junk that is useful for development, but not for use.

The more feedback the better, I'd like to hit 1.0 very soon!

Posted by Tim White 2002-12-18

Version .90 Released

I have released Version .90 of ConMaster 5. We are almost ready for version 1.0!

This release includes fixes to a number of bugs that were discovered while using ConMaster to input packets from TactiCon 2002.

It also incorporates a number of enhancements that were requested by those users.

Most importantly, this release no longer depends on .htaccess files, and has detailed instructions for installing under phpdev.

Posted by Tim White 2002-10-17

Version .85 Released

This release contains (as far as I can tell) all of the functions of teh 4D ConMaster except the top judge/player report. I need testers!!!

Version .90 will have the top judge/player report, and then its on to bug killing.

Once tehe bugs are killed, we can release version 1.0, and then we are off toward version 1.5, which will add security and management of multiple conventions.

Posted by Tim White 2002-08-09

Version .02 Released

I've gotten almost all of the included form processing working. The search and included forms now list appropriate information. All of the _id fields have been hidden.

Score Packet, as the most complex of the base modules, is still far from finished. You are welcome to browse in there, but the edit screen is pretty ugly! Score Packet is waiting on some pretty major functionality, such as displaying db-generated list elements (to pick which event the packet is for), and figuring out how to better control included forms.... read more

Posted by Tim White 2002-07-15


The primary goal of ConMaster is to replace the critical functionality of the 4D version.

This means CRUD for Person & Event (along with their child tables Person_Section & Section), the ability to register people for events, print tickets & badges. Basic reports will also be included.

This initial version of ConMaster will have limited security, and basically assume that everyone working with it is trusted (and forgiving) convention staff.... read more

Posted by Tim White 2002-07-12

How to Install

There is a working version of conmaster with very basic functionality in CVS.

You can use a CVS client to get it. Read the sourceforge docs on how to do this.

To set up an appropriate server enviornment, you need:

1) Apache (
2) MySQL (3.22+) (
3) PHP 4.1.2+ (
4) phpMyAdmin (

I also recommend PHPEdit ( make sure to download the latest (not the stable) version, or you will need to practice your French.... read more

Posted by Tim White 2002-07-10

Project Restarted in PHP

I have restarted the project in PHP. After much muddling about looking for the right solution, I have decided to implement the system in PHP.

Perhaps down the road we may convert to .NET or a more 'robust' solution, but the bottom line is the PHP and decent development tools for it are free, and already run on the web servers that I use for conventions. (And indeed run for free on most hosting companies out there).... read more

Posted by Tim White 2002-07-05