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Full Unicode Support in ConfigObj 4.2.0

As of 4.2.0, ConfigObj has full Unicode support - as well as some additional convenient new methods for fetching keys.

Posted by Mike Foord 2006-02-23

ConfigObj 4 Beta 1 Available

ConfigObj 4 Beta 1 is now available.

See downlaod links and full docs at :

We're jsut packaging this properly and ironing out documentation glitches before doing a proper release.

the actual code is *unlikely* to change before then - barring bug reports of course....

Posted by Mike Foord 2005-08-23

ConfigObj 4 - small steps

The slow progression towards ConfigObj 4 is actually happening.
I now have a working implementation of a config file reader that can read config files with nested sections.
Subsections are nested by indentation.

The inital reader is done in about 160 lines of code and is quite elegant. It's a re-write from the ground up and uses a couple of regexes to do it's parsing, which makes it much faster than ConfigObj 3.... read more

Posted by Mike Foord 2005-06-28

ConfigObj 4

Work has now started on ConfigObj 4.

The *major* changes will be :

the parser code is being rewritten to use regular expresions - this means less code, faster code, more readable code. It also means slightly less flaxibility in the different number of 'dividers' you can use in config files.

nested sections ! As many levels of sections within sections as you want. This will scratch a major itch for many people.... read more

Posted by Mike Foord 2005-05-12

ConfigObj 3.3.0

Version 3.3.0 is a major update to Configobj. As well as lots of bugfixes it also introduces string interpolation, a validation schema, and unicode support to ConfigObj.

As usual see

Posted by Mike Foord 2005-03-17

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