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From now on, all software releases are done on CPAN.


Posted by ddumont 2009-04-14

First release of Tk GUI for Config::Model


I'm happy to announce the first version of Config::Model::TkUi [1].

This module provides a Tk graphical interface for all configuration
descriptions created for Config::Model [2]. Config::Model::TkUi is
used by the config-edit program provided by Config::Model.

For instance, you can try config-edit to modify your Xorg
configuration. For this, you need to install the Xorg model [3]. Once
all modules are installed, you can run:... read more

Posted by ddumont 2008-03-07

New version of Config::Model::Xorg (0.509)

Mostly a bug fix release: Fix a Build.PL bug. Removed default value for XkbRules.

Posted by ddumont 2008-02-13

New version of Config::Model (v0.615)

I've uploaded version 0.615 of Config::Model perl module.

This release brings 2 new features:

- the ability to load erroneous configuration data with
config-model-edit. Bad data are discarded.

- A preset mode: In preset mode, configuration data will be used as
"preset data".This feature can be used to load data discovered by an
automatic mechanism, like hardware scan.

Next step is to add some glue code so some CPAN config reader and
parsers can be used directly with Config::Model.... read more

Posted by ddumont 2007-11-16

New model released: Config::Model::Itself


I've released Config::Model::Itself v0.101.

This module provides a model of Config:Model (hence the Itself name).

Let's step back a little to explain. Any configuration data is, in essence, structured data. This data could be stored in an XML file. A
configuration model is a way to describe the structure and relation of all items of a configuration data set.

This configuration model is also expressed as structured data. This structure data is structured and follow a set of rules which are described for humans in Config::Model.... read more

Posted by ddumont 2007-11-05

Config::Model::Xorg 0.506 released


I've released a new version of Xorg model. Since
v0.503, the main changes are:

* Build.PL: Use fallback model files if no keyboard rules are found (this should fix failed tests on CPAN Tester)
* all models: changed 'string' type to 'uniline' in parameters that should be filled with simple entry (without embedded \n)
* models/Xorg/ small bug fixes in the model

Posted by ddumont 2007-11-05

Config::Model::CursesUI 1.004 released


This new version handles the "uniline" type added
to Config::Model v0.614

Posted by ddumont 2007-10-30

Config-model v0.614 released


I've uploaded a new release which brings some modifications to make models easier to understand.

The leaf value has a new type:"uniline" for strings without embedded new lines

Posted by ddumont 2007-10-24

New version of Config::Model (V0.613)

This new release simplifies the model declaration.

Posted by ddumont 2007-10-02

New version of Xorg model (0.503)

This new release fixes a duplicate element declaration that is detected by Config::Model v0.613

Posted by ddumont 2007-10-02

config-model v0.612 released

This release brings some bug fixes and new features:
- the possibility to preserve the order of the keys of a
hash element (ordered hash)
- configuration class inherit_after parameter
- dump and read configuration data as perl data structure

Posted by ddumont 2007-07-27

config-model v0.611 released

The way to specify complex warped rules was modified. The former way, based on list of lists, was confusing. Now you can specify boolean expressions to find the warp rule to apply. Config::Model will translate declaration done with the old format, so the change is backward compatible.

Posted by ddumont 2007-07-04

v0.603 release

I've uploaded a new release featuring:
- modifications required by the Xorg model I'm working on
- changed 'element_class' parameter or hash and list
to 'cargo_class' to make model declaration more consistent.
- bug fix
- doc update
- The command line program no longer prints debug information. This make the auto-completion much easier to use. See the fstab example and demo.

Feel free to peek at the evolving Xorg model in CVS. I'll publish a file when I have a reasonably complete model.

Posted by ddumont 2006-10-19

v0.601 release (with program)


I'm happy to announce the release 0.601 of Config::Model.

This version features the first version of a program to edit configuration data (provided the data model exists in /etc/config-model.d). This "config-model" program provides a shell like interface with auto-completion.

Note that writing back configuration data is still shaky. So don't run this command as root.

Other changes:

* (load): new method. Model can load model declaration from /etc/config-model.d. The model must be
valid perl script that ends with an array ref containing
configuraiton class declaration like the one accepted by
create_config_class.... read more

Posted by ddumont 2006-07-24

v 0.507 released


I've uploaded v 0.507. Its main features are:
* Basic shell like user interface (its goal is to be simple so the code is easy to understand)
* load on-demand of configuration data (first step towards creation of model plug-in system).

The next step is to provide a command line to access any configuration model. This way, a model developer would need to provide only a model and a data read/write facility to get a complete configuration solution.... read more

Posted by ddumont 2006-06-20

First released version

I've released the first version of Condif::Model. With it you can create your first model to validate your configuration data.

The tar.gz file is available on sourceforge or on CPAN (See\)

Posted by ddumont 2006-03-10