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Conexus 0.9.0 released

This release adds DBus proxies and adapters for files, serial ports and ttys as well as extending the existing DBus supported classes such as IPv4::Address. The gtkmm widgets have been rewritten to support the pure virtual interfaces so that local objects and the DBus proxies can be used interchangeably.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2009-07-08

Conexus 0.8.0 released

This release introduces dbus support using the dbus-cxx library and the dbus-cxx-xml2cpp interface generator. To enable use the --enable-dbus configure option. For now only a few key classes have DBus interfaces: generic endpoints, IPv4 TCP and UDP endpoints, IPv4 TCP server, and IPv4 addresses.

Several of the flag-like options have had their accessor names changed to improve readability. Typically these now have a is_someflag_enabled() and enable_someflag() style naming with the former returning a bool and the latter accepting a bool.... read more

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2009-06-09

Conexus 0.7.0 released

This release adds a new endpoint type --- UDP-Lite plus examples. The UI support providing enumeration of serial and network devices has also been rewritten to use libudev and netdevice rather than libhal. Finally, the documentation has been restructured and should be even more usable especially since devhelp is now supported.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2009-05-21

Conexus 0.6.0 released

This release is the result of the 0.5.9x series of releases. Little has changed since 0.5.98 except conexus-gtkmm has been updated to reflect changes in papyrus 0.10.0.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2009-03-03

Conexus 0.5.98 released

This is a preview release heading to 0.6.0.

The biggest additions to this release are the additional endpoints including kernel messagequeues, OpenSSL, NSPR and NSS.

There are also numerous bug fixes and rewrites.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2009-01-08

Conexus 0.5.3 released

This release makes all Conexus::Data comparison operators const methods.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2007-03-14

Conexus 0.5.2 released

This release further changes Conexus::Data removing all the typecast operators except uint8_t*.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2007-03-13

Conexus 0.5.1 released

This release fixes an issue with Conexus::Data's overloaded const operator[].

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2007-03-11

Conexusmm 0.5.0 released

This release updates conexusmm to support conexus 0.5.0

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2007-03-11

Conexus 0.5.0 released

This release features some changes to Conexus that include
restructuring some classes, flattening the inheritance
hierarchy in some places, and adding/extending support for
new Endpoints such as the MessageQueue endpoint which provides
support for kernel message queues.

Perhaps the single largest change is the approach taken with
the Data object, which now maintains internal storage as a
smart pointer and provides an interface for managing the
contained storage allowing for better copy semantics.... read more

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2007-03-11

Conexus 0.4.0 released

This release changes a few, but important, aspects of data delivery. The CData class which contained constant data has now been removed in favor of reimplementing the Data class with full encapsulation and const methods.

With this change, all data signals are emitted with constant data references rather than distinct copies which can be created with the clone() method.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-08-27

Conexusmm 0.4.0 released

This is an updated release to track the conexus 0.4.0 release.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-08-27

conexusmm 0.3.0 released

This release adds a few new progress widgets such as Spinner and ProgressBar to the toolset. Both widgets can have conexus endpoints attached and will provide feedback (spinning or pulsing) based on the data flow through the endpoint. Additionally, the EndpointStopButton has been rewritten adding a little more functionality, and the Conexusmm namespace has been changed to ConexusGtk to match the Papyrus and Bit libraries.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-08-17

conexus 0.3.0 released

In this release the threading model has been simplified and restructured to eliminate the use of pthread_cancel() and use Glibmm's Thread and Mutex classes. The UDPPoset class is also new and provides for partially ordered UDP unicast transmission groups. The PacketCapture class has been removed since its dependency on pcap no longer fits with the threading model, and a similar LL::Packet class fulfills most basic IP layer capturing. There are also a few bug fixes, some other minor enhancements and a little more documentation.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-08-17

conexus 0.2.3 released

This release fixes a minor build bug in one of the serial endpoint examples: serial_speed_test_sender.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-08-06

conexus 0.2.2 released

This release improves the handling of the autoconf generated configure file.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-08-02

conexus 0.2.1 released

This release has some cleanup and some new features. The autoconf check for std::tr1::array has been removed since it is no longer used. This should make it easier to build with compilers that do not have tr1 yet.

The IP address classes including IPv4::Address and IPv6::Address now have typedefs and create() methods to support smart pointer creation. IPv6::Address now has a constructor that can take an IPv4::Address as a parameter, and IPv4::Address has a similar constructor that checks whether the IPv6 address is IPv4 compatible.... read more

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-07-29

conexusmm 0.2.0 released

This is the first independent release of conexusmm after splitting it from the conexus library.

Numerous serial and TTY widgets have been added as well as a complete TTYWidget providing an interface that should be sufficient for configuring most serial/tty devices.

The IPv4 widgets have also been rewritten and restructured to provide support for both IPv4 and IPv6 endpoints that were introduced in the 0.2.0 release of conexus.... read more

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-07-15

conexus 0.2.0 released

This release adds support for IPv4 and IPv6 I/O endpoints and introduces support for unnamed pipes and file endpoints. The multicast endpoint (previously only IPv4) has been removed as a separate class and has been incorporated into the IPv4 and IPv6 UDP endpoints. TCP endpoints are now fully functional for both IPv4 and IPv6, and the address class for both IPv4 and IPv6 address has been completely overhauled.... read more

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-07-15

conexus 0.1.16 released

Long overdue cleanup of et. al.
Docs now install into $prefix/share/doc/{package}-{version}.
Separate doc rpm consolidated into devel rpm.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-03-04

conexus 0.1.15 released

This is a documentation release only. See notes for more info.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-02-28

conexus 0.1.14 released


Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-02-26

conexus 0.1.13 released


Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-02-25

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