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Concurrence Released

Concurrence is a networked file editing program that enables multiple people to modify a document simultaneously.

Version was released just yesterday, though following it was a day of coding which included many important bug fixes, code improvements, and increased server stability. A CVS snapshot of was made, and the day ended.

Today brought us several CVS commits that introduced the new feature of chatting in the document windows. I expect this tool to improve coordination of editing files between the editors, while eliminating the necessity and ubiquity of a third party messenger client.... read more

Posted by Daniel Bickett 2005-06-18

Concurrence Released

I'm proud to present version, the first one that I felt warranted an official file release.

Grab it and try it out, and by all means come chat on #concurrence at

Daniel Bickett

Posted by Daniel Bickett 2005-06-16

Concurrence Released

A snapshot of Concurrence Pre-Alpha 0.0.1 has been released. See the home page for full information and links to download.[1]

Daniel Bickett


Posted by Daniel Bickett 2005-06-01