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QT4 - comsams - 0.1 released

First version of QT4 Comsams (Comsams with Gui) uploaded.

You are able to download files from the phone and view your phonebooks.

ToDo's for next release:
-- Save phonebook to disk, database
-- Create phonebook entrys
-- Upload Files

Tested with:
-- Samsung SGH-D600 via USB-cable
-- Samsung SGH-E700 via IRDA

How to compile:
You will need the opensource Qt4 package from Trolltech to compile qt-comsams. ==> ... read more

Posted by Chris 2006-09-23

Qt based comsams

In the middle of the next week a Gui - Version of comsams will be ready (beta). This version works with the Samsung D-600 with usb cable, and with the E720 over irda. (See screenshot)

Update 3.7.2006->
Qt-Version will be available at the end of july.. sorry for that!

Posted by Chris 2006-05-18