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release of current project code today

OK everyone, we are now planning to release the project source code today. This is for everything that has been developed now

Posted by Michael Doise 2001-04-06

window manager .bi file release

ok we are going to start putting up developer releases now as far as the os. we have started a .bi file in visual basic for dos that starts and allocates memory for a window and all of its properties we will be uploading this file today. Later on, we will upload a file that will contain the whole project up to that point, so enjoy.

Posted by Michael Doise 2001-04-06

Continuing work...

Hi, this is a little note from Kelly. I'm the other admin. Mike's out on vacation this week. Not to worry, we are continuing our work at the usual pace. Our files are continuing to be developed, and we are getting ever closer to the release of our first demonstration versions. Stop back by, and bring a friend to the project if at all possible. This, and no other, project can succeed fully without cooperation; moreover, what is the purpose for SourceForge without other people to use the collaborative services to forge source?

Posted by Kelly Truesdale 2001-03-20

GHI Library

Just to let everyone know who is somewhat confused about the programming languages of the project, the version of Visual Basic that is being used is the dos edition of it. This means that it is on the same level of Quickbasic 4.5 and QuickBasic 7.21. This means that it is on a l.ower level, but we feel that with the current library to replace these commands, we can surfice for the qb compilation and low abilities of this environment. Also, we are able to add in C modules to the code, and use more than one language to build the GUI. Also, the language requires visual basic for dos, but a new release will be put up soon to use all versions of quick basic.

Posted by Michael Doise 2001-03-14

debug abilities

When development of the OS is complete, we will then put in a user-friendly ability that allows users to interact with the OS and the OS to interact with the user. We will also let the OS let you know about errors that occur in or while using the current application that has the error. It will also allow you to tell the os how to fix it, and if your on the net, can re-submit it to the creator to fix it.

Posted by Michael Doise 2001-03-14

Update on the Computer Manager web site.

We now are doing some thinking about what is going to be done for our web site. We (admins at TrueTech) have decided that since Computer Manager falls under software programming, it will be hosted on the TrueNetwork when comes out in the next several weeks. such web sites on the network will include. (development) (TrueTech Home) (political web site for TrueTech) and probably a few more by the time development is ended. We will let you know what's going on while things are being done.

Posted by Michael Doise 2001-03-10

Internal Scripting Language

Ok everyone out there who is interested in this project, I have some more news for you. Both owners of TrueTech (mikedoise and kellyt) have both decided to build the scripting language for applications in none other than TCL/TK. This will involve completely making a new tcl interpreter, and making new widget libraries, so if anyone knows much about doing this let us know. Also, We plan to use Perl/PHP for internet scripting. This will also be reprogrammed to a certain degree. Along with these development tools, we will add in IDEs and Compilers to help you out.
We feel that our main purpose here is to help you get what your trying to do done, so we try as hard as we can to make your task easier.

Posted by Michael Doise 2001-03-10

GUI Back in Development!

Thanks to and others, the source code and libraries for Computer Manager's GUI are now back installed and pumping out new code whenever time allows. This means that we are now able to start where we left off, before the loss of the library. Again, We are back up and running normally.

Posted by Michael Doise 2001-03-07

HELP!!!! Kernel development Jobs open!!!

OK everyone we serriously need some help. Since we have the gui in development, we NEED some people to help work on the Kernel. you will need experience in Assembly and/or C++ to be able to work in this project. People must know how to work on this project.

Check the open jobs list for the project.

Posted by Michael Doise 2001-03-07

Good and bad news!

Well everyone, I have some good news, and some bad news on the project. If you have kept up with the news, we mentioned that we would release the library fhat we use for our graphical interface programming. Due to a reformat of the hard disk that occured, we will have to re-create the change in the library. This will take place if the web site that contained it will re-open. On a much lighter note, we are going to add another mailing list to the project. This list will be for any user who wants support on Computer Manager, or just wants to post some help on things we can do for the project. to subscribe, check soon. at least that can't be lost with the re-format of a hard drive. (We Hope!)

Posted by Michael Doise 2001-03-05

GUI Development library

OK, I know no Sourcecode is up yet, but I will do this. Most people who program basic know what the future library is. Well, TrueTech has edited a part of the library which will make Gui development easier in TrueColor modes easier. We will submit the new edition of the Future Library coming up during today. This will be done, so that people can look at the changes and can change things on their own. If anything changes that you submit, let us know. Send the file to and submit a changes.txt file that tells what has been done, and how to use it. Good Luck!

Posted by Michael Doise 2001-02-25

Computer Manager Web Site

Ok, so now we got our sourceforge page up and running to the amount that we would like. We will now start on our web site. Kelly Truesdale will be appointed head of the web site task, and will complete it in less than a few weeks.

Posted by Michael Doise 2001-02-25

Whats been done so far.

Computer Manager has been an ongoing project for many years. Just now we are getting the technoligy, the help, and the ways of building what we consider the best OS. So far, massive planning has gone in to the project, and not much has come out. We could use help anywhere posible, and would use anything and everything people can get us so contact us about anything anytime.

Posted by Michael Doise 2001-02-23

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