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New repository

A new Subversion (SVN) Repository has just been created.
I added all the source files in it too.

I had to wait until now because sourceforge's ssh service was down, but here we are!

You can access the repository from the web :

Best regards,

Posted by kouyio 2007-02-24

Growing team

I'm breaking the news to announce that the project team is growing : we already are 4.

I'll make an announce within a week in order to plan a meeting. On this occasion, we'll present ourselves and have discussions about the future of the project.

Best regards,

Posted by kouyio 2007-02-23

Help wanted !

We are currently looking for some fresh meat that would enjoy participating on this fresh growing project.

If you are interested, motivated, and want to sharpen your skills, don't hesitate to contact the admin.

Posted by kouyio 2007-02-20