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Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2008-11-28

Repository 1 branch

In the near future some drastic changes will be made to the project. The CPS Repository is going to be redesigned. This will affect almost every part of the project.

The "current" code (which was used for the 0.8.3 release) has been branched into "RepositoryOne".
If you want to use the old code use the the following branch url rather than the trunk: read more

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2008-08-13

Compose* v0.8.3 released

Downloads for all active ports are available here:

Changes since 0.8.2:

- naming collision fix when a concern and class share the name
- various small bug fixes
- improved the FILTH module
- include/exclude constraints are now fully supported
- skip/cond constraints can be simulated
- better constraint violated error reporting
- structural constrait conflicts are now detected
- conformed module names
- Module settings are now injected when the fields are annotated
- Compose* modules are now annotated with meta information using the
@ComposestarModule annotation.
- INCRE has been replaces with TASMAN for the task management. TASMAN provides
a simple framework for parallel execution of tasks. TASMAN itself will
execute the Compose* modules as configured, supporting parallel execution of
modules according to system resources. TASMAN also respects module
dependencies: if a module does not return "ok" all depending modules will be
disabled. Modules can produce a non-fatal result. ... read more

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2008-06-19

Compose* 0.8.1 released

Changes since Compose* version 0.8.0

- selectors can be used as filter module parameter arguments
- all ports now use the improve commandline argument parsing (C* can now be
called from a directory that contains a BuildConfiguration.xml)

- fixed annotations harvesting
- internals/externals now have more unique names during weaving... read more

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2008-03-13

Compose* 0.8 releases

Version 0.8 of Compose* has been released for the Java, .NET 1.1 and .NET 2+ (StarLight) ports.
This release also marks the end of .NET 1.1 support.

These releases can be downloaded here:

Read the release notes for additional information.

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2008-02-12

Compose* 0.7 releases

Compose* 0.7 has been released for Java, .NET 1.1 and .NET 2 (StarLight).
These can be downloaded from the download section:
Read the notes for the releases for additional information about each release.

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2007-10-02

Compose* Build Server

For sometime now we have been setting up running a build server. This build server uses cruisecontrol and provides us with a way to not only verify that the committed code compiles for all platforms. But also to run basic sanity tests on the resulting build. As such, you can now go to the build server site and get the latest and greatest release of Compose* and StartLight. Please go to: and find the latest successful build and click on the build artifacts link.

Posted by Pascal Durr 2007-05-10

Compose* project initiated

The Compose* project will first work on adding composition filters ( to .NET objects (written in any .NET language). The first step is to build a run-time ('interpreted') version of both composition filters and superimposition (i.e. 'aspects').

Posted by Lodewijk Bergmans 2003-06-02

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