Changing texture ignored.

  • yuichi sugimura

    yuichi sugimura - 2003-01-12

    In setting-default-background-color usage,
    changing texture is completely ignored.

    The reason is that image cache is not flushed in
    setTextureURL(URL) method.

        public void setTextureURL(URL url)
            if (!isTexture() || url == null)
            m_textureURL = url;
            m_dirty = true;
                    m_image = null; // You should also do this
        }   //  setTextureURL

    Fixing this way makes getTextureImage() method works well.

    Really nice Look and Feel, I like it!

    • Jorg Janke

      Jorg Janke - 2003-01-14

      Thanks !
      I updated CVS!


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