problem regarding to show submit info values

  • abhishek pathak

    abhishek pathak - 2008-05-26

    hi i'm abhishek pathak
    i am using compier 3.0 version on web
    i'm java developer
    i have one problem regarding to the showing values of purchasing cart after user click on
    submit info..
    The table generate of customer purchasing and bill, above the shipping confirmation add. form
    ->only the orderid will generate other all field like(Tax, Quantity, amount,productid) are showing 00..
    which method or function will affect that value from servelet of that module..
    even database will show right inserted values of purchasing product and all other values of that transaction only (select * query) for generating value from databse will cause some err.
    which will not able to give values and show 00.
    thanx in advanced . plese help me..
    abhishek pathak..

    • tarnak

      tarnak - 2008-05-27

      can I know to which company ur working

    • abhishek pathak

      abhishek pathak - 2008-05-27

      SilverTouch ...Can u just help me in this topic ...

    • madhukar

      madhukar - 2008-05-30

      Hi abhishek
      Now I am getting values but still  the tax not found error is coming. as your saying ur getting zeros when your entering any product .what u need to do is in the product window ,when entering new product , go to price tab and make sure your enter the price list version and currency correct and the values of list pirce and std price.

      and when your creating new sales orderline,
      in the product field ,when click the product field ,pop of product info comes right in that select price list version which you have entered for that particular product.


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