• Shoukry

    Shoukry - 2005-11-21

    What is the defference btween the naturalaccountingUS.csv file (at initial client setup) and accountingUS.csv file (import file loader) ?
    Ashraf Shoukry.

    • Alejandro Falcone

      Hi Ashraf,

      The accountingXX.csv (at initial client setup) only import the Default Account required by Compiere.
      Later you should import the accountingXX.csv to have its accounting hierarchy.

      Best regards

    • Shoukry

      Shoukry - 2005-11-21

      My questions is :-
      -At the intial client setup the material says that the file name is naturalaccountingUS.csv.
      -At the import file loader he material says that the file name is accountingUS.csv.

      Are they a defferent files? specially that i do have  the turalaccountingUS.csv on my server machiene.

    • Alejandro Falcone

      Is the same file (accountingUS.cvs).
      The file name is just a suggestion. An early version of the structure was the NaturalAccount.xls/csv file.
      The AccountingXX.xls/csv file structure is a super set.

      For explanation, you can see http://www.compiere.org/support/implement/chartOfAccounts.html



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