a more complex question on SO/PO....

  • lavino

    lavino - 2008-12-17

    I have a hell of a time trying to figure out how the following is possible in Compiere.

    Let's say you have a bunch of products from different vendors.

    Let's say you do a bunch of Sales Order today.

    Let's say all your orders are drop-shippment so you never keep any inventory

    2 situations:

    1.  You want to create PO for each sales order but it will be multiple PO for each vendor for the products purchased in a SO.

    2.  Or... at the end of the day/week/month you wanna create PO for a number of sales orders (this might reduce the number of PO but it would be hell to figure out which product is for which SO from the PO).

    Let's say if I still go for option #1.  Is there any way to automatically generate these PO based on selecting a SO?

    • GodLike

      GodLike - 2008-12-18

      There's a process named "Generate PO from Sales Order" which could possibly meet your needs.

    • lavino

      lavino - 2008-12-20

      Thanks for the tip but there is another problem...

      I tried "Generate PO from Sales Order" after created a SO, added line items and then set document status to Complete.  It shows the SO in the Order drop down list even.  But when I click ok it says "Create On 1" but nothing happened as no PO was created when I go to PO and search for them?   Is there something I am missing?

    • GodLike

      GodLike - 2008-12-20

      you should tick the SO in the "Generate PO from Sales Order" window, the tick box is in front of the so.

    • lavino

      lavino - 2008-12-23

      Ok, found the problem (so that ppl in the future won't suffer from this).
      This was caused by Vendor not being assigned with a proper price list.


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