Milan Knizek - 2014-08-16

For apps, which do not support Xcm and yet work with wide-gamut images (darktable, Krita), it is worth to temporarily turn compicc off to avoid unwanted gamut shrinking (darktable wide gamut -> sRGB due to lack of support of Xcm -> wide gamut monitor).

I wrote a simple python script to be used in a shell wrapper. Compizconfig python bindings must be installed (I have not found any documentation on compizconfig hence the result is just my best working bet):

#!/usr/bin/env python2.7
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

#      enables  compicc plugin
# off  disables compicc plugin

import sys
import compizconfig

context = compizconfig.Context()
plugin = compizconfig.Plugin(context, 'compicc')

if sys.argv[1]=="off":
  if     plugin.Enabled: plugin.Enabled = False
  if not plugin.Enabled: plugin.Enabled = True

Last edit: Milan Knizek 2014-08-16