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Full end-to-end callpath extraction (BETA) now available!

COMPAS now supports the collection of call-paths from the web-tier through the EJB tier and to the SQL statements in the DB tier!

Also, a warm welcome to Trevor Parsons that has contributed the necessary changes and who will continue to work on this functionality.

Please see the release notes for special conditions attached to this BETA version. The newest release in the main release cycle is v0.9.6.

Posted by Adrian Mos 2005-06-20

COMPAS now intercepts exceptions !

Starting with version 0.9.6 you can see the exceptions raised by the EJBs in the COMPAS Client Console.

Posted by Adrian Mos 2005-05-26

Ease of use and flexibility with support for JSR 160!

Much easier to install and run !
This new release makes the switch to the JMX Remote API standard (JSR160). This has the effect that application-server adaptors are no longer needed by COMPAS. Instead, any application server compliant with JSR160 (all the major J2EE servers are or will be in the near future) is supported out of the box.
The JSR160-specific parameters for connecting to any compliant application server must be specified in the COMPAS property file.
This release has been tested with JOnAS 4.3.4 but all major servers including Weblogic 9.0 and JBoss 4.x should also work.

Posted by Adrian Mos 2005-05-23

The first release is out !

This version is a completely functional release of COMPAS J2EE.
J2EE applications can be automatically instrumented and deployed onto any of the supported application servers. The response times of EJB methods can be monitored and call flows can be captured and displayed in UML. In addition, adaptive monitoring can reduce the total overhead by focusing data collection on appropriate parts of the application. Basic alert-generation and problem diagnosis functionalities are also available.
This version does not make use of the JMX Remote Specification and still requires JMX adaptors for each app server (provided for JBoss, Weblogic and Websphere). This will change in the next version which will make the choice of application servers completely transparent to COMPAS developers.

Posted by Adrian Mos 2005-05-14