#36 Integration with Joomla


I wonder could you have a look and see if it could be
used with coMoblog? I

am not sure what the differences are between EMB and
CMB but if you could

shed light on if this could be used or adapted it would
be great. I want to

have a moblog inside sites I build based on Joomla. The
other option I

would like to ask you is if you could make a component
out of comoblog for

Joomla so it works without a bridge as a freelance project



  • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

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  • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

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    I've emailed the original development of the ezmoblog module for Mambo to see
    if he can assist in reworking this for CoMoblog. If I don't get a reply I'll install
    Joomla myself and have a go at it.

  • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

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    I've had no reply.

    I've installed Joomla myself and will start the work migrating the original module
    over to CoMoblog.

    After that is working fine we can look at making CoMoblog a component - but I
    fear this is a big task.

  • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

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  • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

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  • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

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