let's make this crontab_mod work!

  • gummarith

    gummarith - 2007-09-05

    in over one year i couldn't make the crontab_mod works. that's why i still use easymoblog. so i followed some replies 'bout this problem but i couldn't get trhu'..........

    in the same domain i've easymoblog and comoblog installed
    esymoblog in a folder called mms
    comoblog in a folder called post
    each one got different mail
    both got different tables in the same database.

    easymoblog works fine (sometimes doesn't resize images).
    comoblog shows only uploaded photos via admin panel.(there are photos sent via mail and via mobile awaiting in the mail server)

    I browsed

    easymoblog at ..mms/batch/comoblog_batch.php
    and get this:

        EasyMoblog 0.5.1 batch      -      2007-9-5 15:37:29

    ++ msg 1 added    (ctype: text/plain)    (images: 1)

        batch terminated          -      2007-9-5 15:37:29

    comoblog at..post/batch/comoblog_batch.php
    but i get only this:
        CoMoblog 1.1 batch      -      2007-9-5 15:21:52

    a bit different....ain't it?

    now peoplessss what should i try?

    • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

      Do you know what version of php you are using ?


      • gummarith

        gummarith - 2007-09-07

        php version 4.4.4

        • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

          OK then. If you log into the Comoblog admin screens and go into the POP3 preferences you should be able to enable DEBUG. Can you please do this and repost the output you get from running the batch command.


    • gummarith

      gummarith - 2007-09-10

      the same as above:

          CoMoblog 1.1 batch      -      2007-9-10 8:43:11

      • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

        Afraid that isn't much help huh. That sort of output with debug enabled suggests something wrong with the PEAR libraries functioning on your server.

        Using not using php5 which is good, as I have seen issues like this with php5. I think the only way we can sort your issue is if we upload some altered files that include debugging.

        Two options.

        1: The long way, we email back and forward, exchanging files until it works
        2: The quick way, you give me FTP access to your server via private email

        Up to you.

    • gummarith

      gummarith - 2007-09-12

      ok i'm gonna send you the ftp access via private email......

    • gummarith

      gummarith - 2007-09-17

      after over 1 year and half finally i can run comoblog like everybody in the world.....it was just my fault 'cos i couldn't make the crontab works so i kept on using easymoblog...these days i decided to solve the problem once for all and in a few hours mark wallis did what i didn't thru' all this time.... thank you mark for your support.....now let's solve the image_resize problem..see you all to the new thread.


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