Problem getting the comoblog_batch.php to run

  • Terry Bayne

    Terry Bayne - 2007-07-25


    I am trying to setup comoblog on my own server.  It's a fairly standard LAMP config (Apache2, PHP5, etc).

    When I try to run comoblog_batch.php it exits right after displaying the header information.  This occurs when I run it via the browser or from the command line.

    I put a few 'echo' statements in and determined that it is exiting right after the call:

          echo "---> 0\n";
          // pop3 connection and log-in
          $pop3 =& new Net_POP3();
          echo "---> 1\n";   
          $popMethod = 'USER';

    I get the "---> 0\n" but the "---> 1" never shows.  No errors show either.  Im am wondering why the call to get the pop3 object causes the abort - without error I might add.

    Any ideas?


    • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)


      The only thing I can think of is that the PEAR library we are using for POP3 doesn't like something about your installation. This could be php5 related as CoMoblog hasn't received much testing under PhP5.

      Do you have control over your php.ini file ? Could you raise the debugging level higher to see if you get any more detailed feedback ?



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