Messages don't show up sometimes.

  • cybaspace

    cybaspace - 2006-09-29

    Hi there

    Sometimes the messages I have sent aren't showing up on the overview page, but when I choose the date of today in the calendar I can see it.

    And after a while they (sometimes) show up.

    I checked if it wasn't a cache thingy but it wasn't.

    Anyone else had this problem?

    • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

      Most likely this is a time sync issue between your email client and your server. Do you find the messages always turn up in under 24 hours ? Is the time on your email device (i.e. phone, etc) the same as on your server ?


    • cybaspace

      cybaspace - 2006-10-01

      the mailfetch is working properly and I can see thatit fetches the mails when I run it manually. They just don't show up on the main page. When I choose the current date on the calendar they show up and from then on the main page. I admit it's a bit of a vague problem... It doesn't happen every time. Most times it works excellent.

      Time isn't the issue since the time is the same on both mail and webserver. I'm going to change serverhardware anyway so maybe the problem is fixed then with a fresh install.


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