changed colors now page is "stretched" in IE6

  • straightgeek

    straightgeek - 2006-06-02

    and pics do not show.

    Page looks fine in Firefox, but in IE the page stretches to 3-4 times it's normal height and most of he pics red X.

    here is a screen print

    I changed the colors to the same colors as my main page, then this happened.

    • iamdecal

      iamdecal - 2006-06-02

      what size are your thumbnails set to be created at?

      is there any extra test in your options apart from the hex colour values ?

      your css looks fine to be honest, but its best to check,.


      • straightgeek

        straightgeek - 2006-06-02

        The thumbnailing isn't working for any pics sent via MMS from my cell (different issue I think as the stretching only occured when I changed the colors)

        There are no extra characters in the color value in the preferences pages other than the hex.

    • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

      Only looks like you have test posts there - are you able to delete them to see if the problem goes away ?

      I want to know if it's a generic formatting problem or a problem with those posts causing the stretching.

      Unfortunatly I don't have an I.E. machine handy so this might be fun to work out.

      • straightgeek

        straightgeek - 2006-06-04

        it appears to be the blog entries sent via MMS from my phone (probably the work of the lovely tmobile footer, etc) that are causing the formatting problem.  Not sure why they didn't show up before I changed the color.

        • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

          I'm currently looking into what graphics tools we have available to us to sort that footer out - things like crop, resize, etc.

          • straightgeek

            straightgeek - 2006-06-06

            do you want me to send a few pics to the dev blog periodically (LMK how often)?  the footer and formatting also appears to be included w/ the 3gp's sent via MMS as well.

            • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

              Just one will do - I can replay it as many times as I need. Just send me one pic with the footer to the devblog.

              I don't think removing it from the video will be an option - thats alot harder.

    • Hawk

      Hawk - 2007-02-27

      Was a fix ever found for this?  I'm experiencing the same phenomenon with mine.  Also - I've found that in both Comoblog and in EasyMoBlog, there's a module that's looning in the wrong spot for the 1x1.gif file.  (My 404manager caught that - but I'm not familiar enough with it all to figure out the fix - I can sure pass along what I've found, though)


      • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

        What version of CoMoblog are you running and can you provide us with an example link ?


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