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  • Ricky

    Ricky - 2006-10-15

    Could someone help me with this one?  It seems that when people try and leave comments and click on send, they don't show up.  After clicking send, the next window that appears says "No comments for this post"

    But... I still have to delete hundreds of spam comments a week! 

    Sometimes, putting returns after the comment works and pressing tab helps, but not really.  Any ideas?

    • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

      Hi there.

      Can you give us a list of the modules you have installed ? Any post-comment modules ? What version of CoMoblog are you running and what is it's version history (i.e. did you upgrade from a previous release at any time).


    • Ricky

      Ricky - 2006-10-16

      Currently I have these modules installed/active :

      mod_calendar  1.2
      mod_randomthumb 1.1
      mod_search 1.1
      mod_postbytopic  1.1
      mod_blogrolling  1.1
      mod_postbytitle  1.1
      mod_rss  1.0
      mod_batch  1.0

      I have no post-comment modules as I am waiting for the captcha one to help curb the spamming

      I am running CoMoblog 1.1 It was an upgrade from EasyMoblog 5.1  If you can remember this debacle:


    • Ricky

      Ricky - 2006-10-16

      Hmmmmm.  Here is something else.  I posted a test comment under the last post.  All it says is "v"  when I try to edit it to make it say something else, my changes don't save...  Hmmmm.

      • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

        Are you able to check the comments table in the database to see if only 'v' got written or if the whole comment is in there ?

        Trying to determine if it's a problem on the way in or the way out of the DB.

    • Ricky

      Ricky - 2006-10-16

      I checked the comments table in the DB and sure enough 'v' is still there, even though I edited it.  Here are links to a screenshot of the DB table and of me editing it thorugh comoblog.

      Thanks again for your help and quick responses.  As you can see from the first screenie I have to constantly delete a lot of spam comments.  I can edit the comments in the DB thats not really a problem.  Its the family and friends comments that I want.



      • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

        Do you find editing works better if you get rid of the HTML in the comment text ? Perhaps it's newlines causing issues with the HTML clensing ?

    • Ricky

      Ricky - 2006-10-21

      It doesn't matter, if I have no lines or not, html or not.  I cannot edit comments using the editor in the admin page at all.  I have to go into the database.  I think the extra lines might have helped people get their comments posted? But it might have just made them try a couple times and it took.  Who knows?

      • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

        I just retested this with my development server and can't reproduce it. What PHP version are you running again ?

    • Ricky

      Ricky - 2006-10-28

      I think I'm using

      MySQL 4.1.20


      phpMyAdmin 2.6.4-pl3

      • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

        Can you find out what version of php you have ? 4 or 5 ?

    • Ricky

      Ricky - 2006-10-30

      I'm sorry, I'm an idiot.  PHP Version 4.3.9

      Still can't edit anything, and 'regular' people's comments are hit and miss, but i still get hundreds of spam comments. 


      Can you post a comment to it?

    • Ricky

      Ricky - 2006-11-07

      Any luck with anything.  Spam comment blockers?  I deleted hundreds of spam comments yesterday and today deleted over 130.  130 in one DAY ugh!  I hate those people.  Am I having trouble because I have too many comments?

      • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

        Iamdecal is working on various things at the moment, and hopefully I will find some time to get back into development as well. SPAM is high on the list of issues to deal with.

    • iamdecal

      iamdecal - 2006-11-16

      Just a bit of an explination on why this is taking so long, and to thank you all for your patience.

      it's down to two factors really, one i was recently visited by the redundency fairy - now you might think that would leave me with more free time to work on this, but thats not the way its worked out unfortunatly. I'm in the process of starting my own company up which is taking up lots of my time.

      the other reason is the sheer amount of code that needs to be done to get this working properly. however i've now managed to get a subset of the work ready for testing - this will be the part that generates captchas and blocks comments.

      unfortunaly its not an easy update process, as well as code there are some database changes that need to be made, so it really does need to be part of a proper release.  to be honest i cant see that im going to get it all tested and live this month, but im hopefull it will be out by christmas.

      once again, thanks for your patience.


    • iamdecal

      iamdecal - 2006-11-17

      Okay, heres the state of play. as of 10 minutes ago and aget 8 hours solid coding  i've got a working captcha set up thats ready to be tested.

      its not as complete as id hoped it would be, but it works for now - i know we all get a lot of spam comments, so i think this will help while i do the full featured version i want to do.

      you can see it working on my site..

      feel free to add a comment and test it, the version i have here, dosent require any db changes, so once mark has had a look at it, i think we can look at doing a mini release that just contains the files needed.

      also - what are peoples thoughts on the images / font used ? i dont like captchas my self, but i would find it more useable if it was just letters or just numbers so there is no confusion when i have to fill them in, or perhaps a proper word so its more recognisable...

      any thoughts?

    • Ricky

      Ricky - 2006-11-17

      Hey I like it, I tried entering it in lower case and it didn't work. So that answered my question about case sensitivity.  I also tried messing up on purpose.  I think it will reduce the number of spam comments a ton!  How can I try it out? Also, good luck on your company start up!



    • Ricky

      Ricky - 2006-11-18

      I got all the files for the captcha in the CVS, AND EVERYTHING IS FIXED!  Now its thanksgiving break here in the states, iamdecal, so I'll have to wait and see how much it curbs the spammers (I'm sure it will!)  But for some strange reason I am:

      1) able to enter comments now, now success on the 1st try

      2)  able to edit/delete my comments again from the comoblog admin page

      3)  very very happy!

      feel free to try it out at

      • iamdecal

        iamdecal - 2006-11-18

        blush ;-)

        i'm down from 200 spam comments a day to zero, so im sure its going to help.

        if any one else wants to grab it from cvs these are the files you need (and please please back up first)



        if you want a different font, you need to change captcha.php manually for now, the full release will have a proper admin section.

      • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

        Yes, the CAPTCHA is looking really good. This will definitely make the next release.

    • Ricky

      Ricky - 2006-12-09

      The CAPTCHA is working perfectly, and my spam comments have STOPPED COMPLETELY.  I did find a little quirk.  If you type in an apostrophe (example I'd, don't, can't)  The comment wont post.  In fact, I've noticed that if you try and edit a comment with an apostrophe it wont take the edit.  Hmmm....

    • iamdecal

      iamdecal - 2006-12-09

      glad the captcha is working - ive not had a single one get through either ;-)  i suspect that the comment bug now is that we need to escape the quotes - i'll try and do that tomorrow night


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