non-english characters

  • jusis707

    jusis707 - 2006-09-08

    I have problem with a non-english letters in my comoblog, it looks like this - âðçïíûâðçïíûâðçïíû
    . I had changed charset in templates/header.tpl.htm to windows-1257 (latvian), and only "right" letters were in message body  and only when i post it localy, from comoblog admin page, when i sent post from e-mail subject and body looks like this - âðçïíûâðçïíûâðçïíû. Is there any way to fix it?

    • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)


      This is a known issue with CMB unfortunatly. We have raised a RFE to have it resolved, but unfortunatly most of the issues are caused by the template libraries we are using so there is no 'quick' fix (that I am aware of, perhaps someone else can prove me wrong)



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