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Release 1.08 available

New version is available, and you are invited to upgrade to this new 1.08 release.

It offers you many features such as :
* New icons menu: more usable than the previous menu;
* Block "latest items seen": permits the user to consult quickly the last items he/she has seen;
* "My Favourites" management by user: permits the user to manage his/hers favourites in a specific page;
* "Personal Folder" for users. Specific salt key defined by user (many thanks to Enrique for the idea): user manage his/hers own items that no one else can know or see;
* Spanish translation (many thanks to Enrique)... read more

Posted by Nils Laumaillé 2010-01-27

cPassMan 1.0 released!

cPassMan is now in release 1.0.
This Passwords Manager is in production and may be used by anyone.
A lot of interresting functions will help any IT responsible to manage passwords other all his processes.

Posted by Nils Laumaillé 2009-10-20