#32 Problem with CN widget content


First of all thanks for nice software.

On my E6 with Belle I had CN with nice transparent background but now I have problem. Everything was ok until I installed Nokia battery monitor 2. Then comingnext widget has a problem with content. Take a look at attached picture. You will see that comingnext displays some kind of strange header "Coming Next" with the line below. There is no possiblity to remove it and no possibility to change background color as well - now it is always black now. Before I installed Nokia battery monitor 2 I used Skin Fetcher to get semi-transparent feature. I have folder C:\Data with all background files but despite external background is marked I cannot get my background.
I tried probably all options but I cannot force CN back to proper life. Even uninstall battery monitor and or reinstall CN did not help.

Summarize - two things:
1. Strange header
2. Background issue
I've attached two screens for you to better understand.


  • hateregs

    hateregs - 2012-03-20

    wrong CN content

  • Michael Prager

    Michael Prager - 2012-03-20

    I've got another report of this problem (also on the E6), but triggered after about 6 hours of use instead of a specific app. I can't tell you yet what causes the issue, but I can explain what you see. The widget thinks it is in fullscreen mode. That's why the comingnext icon+text is displayed and the background is forced to black.

    You can help to to narrow down the issue. I've attached a special version that adds some additional info to the debug log. Install this, then enable the debug log (read here on how to enable and obtain the log: http://comingnext.sourceforge.net/drupal7/report_a_bug\). When logging is enabled, reproduce the problem (if it is not already the case). Then download the log and send it to me (comingnext@michaelprager.de) or attach it here. I can then use the log to understand what's going wrong with the widget.

    If you simply want to get rid of the issue, you can try to remove and add the widget again from the homescreen. If that does not work, try to remove the battery monitor widget and add+remove comingnext again.

  • Michael Prager

    Michael Prager - 2012-03-20

    special version with additional debug info on the E6 fullscreen on homescreen issue

  • hateregs

    hateregs - 2012-03-21
  • hateregs

    hateregs - 2012-03-21

    I've added a log file and I have few new observations:

    I tried many combinations with removing/adding CN and battery monitor but no effect.
    Then I made hard reset of my E6 and installed CN on fresh system. As I expected everything was ok. In the next step I installed battery monitor and ran it from the menu - CN widget on the homescreen still worked ok. Then I added battery monitor widget on the homescreen and this caused problem with CN.

  • Michael Prager

    Michael Prager - 2012-03-22

    Thanks for the details, I was able to reproduce the issue on an E6. It appears to be worse than I expected. Let me explain the details:

    You may have noticed that third party homescreen widgets in general on the E6 usually look a bit blurry compared to other devices like the N8 for example. This is because on the E6, the space available for widgets has been reduced due to its unusual display dimensions. This is a problem for widget developers because Nokia originally designed its homescreen widgets to always be exactly 307x82 pixels. On the E6, these dimensions are different. In order to keep the E6 compatible with all homescreen widgets, Nokia decided to "rescale" widgets from 307x82 pixels to the resolution used by the E6. Tues the blurry appearance of (some) widgets. So far so good, not all widgets might look as good on the E6, but at least they work without trouble. Or at least they should...

    Now comes the issue: the widget you installed (Nokia Battery Monitor) is a native widget that seems to trigger a bug in the E6 firmware which permanently disables this compatibility scaling for homescreen widgets. You can notice this when you look closely at the widget font, it is smaller and less blurry. As a result, WRT based widgets are displayed with the wrong resolution. What further complicates the situation is that the widget resolution is used by WRT widgets to detect if a widget is showing on the homescreen or in fullscreen. That's why you see ComingNext in fullscreen mode on your homescreen.

    I can modify the code to detect this odd behaviour and make it detect the homescreen correctly again on the E6. However the widget is designed specifically for the 307x82 resolution so everything will still look misplaced and too small (see attached image). I'd have to redo the complete widget design to account for this misbehaviour. :-(

  • hateregs

    hateregs - 2012-03-22

    Damn E6. Anyway... thank you very much for your effort.

    1. When do you expect release a version with new detection? Is this allow me to avoid hard reset?
    2. Because CN is much more important for me then battery monitor I'm going to uninstall battery monitor. Do you know any other solution than hard reset to back CN to normal behaviour in current release? You said that this bug disabled compatibility scaling. Do you know how to enable it without hard reset?

  • Michael Prager

    Michael Prager - 2012-03-23

    version with E6 disabled scaling detection

  • Michael Prager

    Michael Prager - 2012-03-23

    I've attached a version that should detect the disabled compatibility scaling on the E6. Note that it will still look ugly, you may want to disable the background image.

  • hateregs

    hateregs - 2012-03-26

    Maybe background is not perfect (yet) but the content is correct.
    Great job,

  • wessleyman

    wessleyman - 2012-06-03

    Thanks a lots for the workaround. I have a E6 and also experienced similar problem, and now the widget now works great!
    Could you also provide a similar fix for widget B and C?


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