Commons-Collections with Generics / News: Recent posts

Added to Maven 2

Collections Generics 4.01 has been added to the Maven 2 repositories thanks to the help of Tom Nelson over at the Jung project.

Posted by Matt Hall 2007-02-12

4.01 Released

Version 4.01 of Collections with Generics has been released. It encompasses several enhancements and bug fixes, please see release notes for more details.

Posted by Matt Hall 2006-06-30

Converted to Subversion

We've converted the project over to Subversion, so please use that repository from this point on.

Posted by Matt Hall 2006-06-11

4.0 Beta 3 Released

This is a fully-functional, Java generics-enabled release of the Apache Commons-Collections project.

Posted by John Watkinson 2005-07-07

4.0 Beta 2 released

This release includes a fully functional generic version of MultiMap.

Posted by Matt Hall 2005-06-15