#31 Colinux Networkconnection via Colinux.exe


The Idea is to make outgoing Networkconnections of
Colinux via the Colinux.exe.
From the view of the user, when debian makes an apt-get
install via ftp, in windows the colinux.exe connects to
the ftp-server.

The advantage would be, that users installing Colinux
the first time, do not need to worry about the
networking stuff.
Even more such a colinux could be moved to another pc
and started there without touching the windowssystem,
i.e. without installing neither tapi nor wincap.

But the main reason is, that both networking mechanisms
lead to problems under certain conditions and even
security trouble:

a) when using "Internet Connection Sharing" for TAPI,
even some local Windows Programs use this way to
connect to internet. So if using an applicationlevel
Firewall (Tiny/KerioFW 2.0.x) it is impossible to block
these Applications without blocking colinux.

b) using WinCap doesnt work on some Networkcards
(mostly WLAN). Moreover installing WinCap is a
securityhole at its own, cause also other apps have
access to wincap.

If one needs colinux to have its own virtual
networkdevice, he can still install the Tapi-Drv.

But for connecting to the Internet, routing the traffic
directly through the colinux.exe, would be much better.

What do You think? Would that be to complicated to

best regards


  • Henry N.
    Henry N.

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    If you use SLiRP as one and only network device, then can
    do it all.

    SLiRP is a virtual networking daemon and use current
    windows outgoing networking all times. Is only little
    slower as TAP or PCAP, becaus it's a windows user program
    only (no device drivers). It's usable from version 0.6.3-
    pre13 or newer.


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    I'm closing this feature request since as Henry pointed out
    this is all essentially implemented with the SLiRP network
    option currently available in 0.6.2, with an improved
    version in 0.6.3 about to be released. SLiRP is very likely
    to become the default networking option in future coLinux
    (as yet to be determined or written in stone)

    • status: open --> closed
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    I didn't manage to get SLIRP Mode work, i.e. I got no
    Which IP-Address/Mask do I need to set inside CoLinux?
    Does it wrap eth0 or do I need to install & use a
    SLIP-Driver on my Debian beneath CoLinux.
    Well I used SLIRP under Win3.x many Years ago to get full
    network-access via Terminal/Modem connection to my
    University. I remember that Slirp wrapped the SLIP-Protocol
    over a terminal session and that I had a Net on my
    PC mapped to the real IP of the Unix-Host on the other side
    of the telefone line.
    But how do I use this for Debian Linux?
    Thanx in advance

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    http://wiki.colinux.org/cgi-bin/Network go to section 2.3 it
    should have everything you need to know about configuring
    SLiRP in any linux (debian or otherwise). The sort of it is
    you use the as the address and as
    the mask, and as an gateway and to use
    your windows as a dns server

    The configuration is eth0=slirp instead of eth0=tuntap or
    the like. Unless you need to redirect ports to coLinux then
    it gets more complicated.

    Hope that gets you going in the right direction,