Allan Higgins - 2009-01-11

I posted this to the Topologilinux forum, which may have been the wrong place. So...
How can I start a Windows program in the Windows OS space from within CoLinux? It's not Wine that I'm looking for. From bash in Topologilinux in CoLinux I want to start up a native Win32 console or GUI process. As in from shell scripts. It would be perfect if I could just type, for example, "tasklist.exe" in bash and have bash recognize that I'm running under CoLinux and pass the execution request to Windows automatically. i.e. have bash shell out (over) to a cmd.exe in the Windows OS space. And return.

I could try hacking something up myself, like echoing a command line to a named pipe in Windows and have an instance of cmd.exe listening on the other side. Maybe. I guess I would need samba on the linux side to access named pipes? Is there a more "native" kind of piping common to both OS'es that I could use? I would ideally want to use the same console window for i/o by the new Windows process to make it look seemless.