#54 Blue Screen Of Death on shutdown


When i shutdown co linux (using shutdown -h now or
reboot) i get blue screens ocaisonally. have not
managed to record the exact details, will next time i
get one.
i was accessing the harddisk raw, so that could be the

colinux was geting half my memory at the time, 256m
host system:
XPsp2, 512mb ram, 1.3+ Athelon-TB, Via chipset.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Some details would be greatly appreciated. What version of
    coLinux? What linux distro? What's the details of the blue
    screen of death?

    Thanks for reporting this, hope we can get it resolved.


  • Anonymous - 2005-02-18

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    sorry but don't have exact details written down... didn't
    (bother to) write them down when it happened last time...
    but it was something allong the lines:
    windows has encoutered a fatel system error windows has beem
    shut down.
    followed by some general insruction,check software+hardware,
    manufacturere etc.
    and some error output, wich i didn't write down.
    colinux (feb 5 '05), gentoo delux image.

    i'll post the actuall error message when i get the crash
    again, sorry for the trouble

  • George P Boutwell

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    Please post as much as you can about the blue screen next
    time you get it. It's no trouble, I take it it doesn't
    happen all the time? But some of the time?

  • Anonymous - 2005-02-20

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    got another crash this morning.
    Shutdown gentoo using "shutdown -h now"

    got blue screen:

    A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down
    to prevent damage to your computer


    If the is the firstime you've seen this stop errror screen,
    restart your computer,. If this sreen apears again, follow
    these steps:
    (3 paragrapghs of very annoying windows idiot speak, saying
    try to figure out what caused this, and remove it nd/or
    contact manufacturer)

    Technical information
    ***STOP: 0x00000020 (0x82EB58D4, 0x0000000A, 0x00000000,

    hope that helpes.

  • George P Boutwell

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    At what point during the shotdown is this happening? After
    linux has shutdown completely but before coLinux closes, or
    at what point during the linux shutdown process? Have you
    tried with other version of coLinux? If so what versions
    work (ie around what version does it start having this
    problem?) Have you tried lowering the RAM for coLInux
    little, does that help cut down on the occurances?

  • Henry N.

    Henry N. - 2005-02-23

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    Is that perhaps the /dev/mem problem?
    Some tools will detect APM-BIOS for power off with reading
    some memory.
    Please remove or rename the device name "/dev/mem",
    before you shut down.


  • George P Boutwell

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    Please see the devel ML for Henry's /dev/mem & /dev/kmem
    patch, apply it (if you will) to coLinux. Report back
    either way. If you are not a developer and cannot, contact
    me directly and I'll provide you with binaries with this
    patch for you to try.

  • George P Boutwell

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    Henry has produced binaries with the mem-fix in them, please
    try these and let us know either way (if they solve your
    problem or not).

    Download them from:

    Make a back up of your coLinux install directory, then
    un-archive them into your coLinux install directory.
    Run colinux-daemon --remove-driver
    Then colinux-deamon --install-driver

    And then run your Gentoo as normal and see if when you shut
    it down it Blue Screens or not.

  • George P Boutwell

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    Has this issue been resolved for you with Henries Binaries?

  • George P Boutwell

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    Please confirm (if you can) that the problem is fixed in
    the latest coLinux snapshot
    (http://www.colinux.org/snapshot), if at all possible. I'll
    check again in a few days and if it's not reported to still
    be a problem, I'm closing the bug.

  • George P Boutwell

    • status: open --> closed
  • George P Boutwell

    Logged In: YES

    I'm closing this bug. If the problem is still there, file a
    new bug after verifying it still exists with 0.6.3-rc2...
    See the colinux user's mailing list for information on where
    to download 0.6.3-rc2


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