David Sitsky - 2006-05-24

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In response to a request from tennis AT cisco DOT com.

Hi there,

This has been asked before - I'll add this email to the
existing request item.


In theory, we should be able to create a new topic listener
which is fired on topic creation, which perhaps could add
comments automatically to new lines which are greater than
the specified parameter, if it exists.

It may be a while before I look at this though - there are a
number of other things on my plate right now.


Tennis Smith (tennis) wrote:
> Hi,
> I really like CodeStriker, it’s the best review tool I’ve
ever seen.
> In my environment, we have a coding standard which
requires that no line
> be longer than 80 columns. Can CS flag that in a code
review? Or, can
> CS simply put a line at column 80 to tell the user when
code exceeds it?
> TIA,
> -Tennis