#12 Clearcase integration


I've already seen that Clearcase integration is next on
your list of SCM systems to support.
What is the status of this integration ?


  • David Sitsky

    David Sitsky - 2004-03-17

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    Unfortunately I don't have a ClearCase system to play with,
    so I can't complete this work. If you can arrange for me to
    have a copy, I am more than happy to look at it.

    There was somebody who started looking at this, but he never
    completed it.

    From memory, the real stumbling block was CC didn't seem to
    have a "diff" command like CVS as a standard, which allowed
    you to generate a unidiff file of your local changes
    compared to what is in the VOB.

    I don't know if this is true or not.

    I can develop this with you if you can provide me with a
    list of example CC unidiff files.

    Feel free to contact me on my email address -
    sits@users.sourceforge.net to continue this discussion if
    you are interested. I am keen to see ClearCase being
    catered for.

  • David Sitsky

    David Sitsky - 2004-06-10
    • status: open --> closed
  • David Sitsky

    David Sitsky - 2004-06-10

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    The next release of Codestriker has some working code for
    ClearCase integration. You can either pull it out from CVS,
    or wait for the next release (1.8.2).


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