User experience (feedback)

  • Yahor Sinkevich

    Yahor Sinkevich - 2007-02-13

    Hi, its me again :)

    1. Search topic by ID
    2. Delete topics from topics list + multiple topics selection
    3. After new commit created, I'm clicking to the link in the email and see the page where I can add my own comments, but there is no link to the whole topic, and no link to the "Parallel view", it's very inconveniently.
    4. What about "hooks" ? E.g to write our own "accept" or "reject" handler to e.g commit sources to the SCM after topic accepted :)

    Thanks for the Codestriker!

    • David Sitsky

      David Sitsky - 2007-03-15

      Hi Yahor,

      Thanks for the feedback.  Can you please create a separate feature request for each one and add it the feature request tracker?

      Thanks - that way when I have time, I'll be able to look at the list.  Items 1-3 are easy, 4 would be more work.



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