Frank Schilder

Installing and using COCO

  1. Download the latest version.

  2. Move the package file to a location of your choice and uncompress the zip-file. This will create a sub-directory with name coco that contains all files and will be referred to as PATH_TO_COCO in the remainder of these instructions.

  3. Change to the Matlab startup directory for your system (any folder returned by the Matlab-function 'userpath'). Create or open the file startup.m and add the line

    where PATH_TO_COCO is the full path of the directory coco created in step 1.

  4. Copy or move the file PATH_TO_COCO/coco_project_opts.m to the Matlab startup directory (the directory where the startup.m file created or modified in step 2 is located). Note: Do not add PATH_TO_COCO to the Matlab path!

  5. After restarting Matlab, all coco toolboxes should now be in the search path.


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