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Full support for COCO toolboxes and examples in Recipes for Continuation and in the recipes folder of the most recent release can be offered for Matlab versions 2009b-2012b and 2015a. Full support for COCO production-ready toolboxes and examples in the most recent release can be offered for Matlab versions 2015a. Earlier versions may not be supported and later ones under the condition that we can confirm the problem. We recommend using a Matlab version that we can support fully. We consider 2015a as our reference version that all future COCO toolboxes must be compatible with.

To file a bug report follow the instructions below to the letter. If we get incomplete or inconsistent information, we will not be able to help. Before submitting a bug report, have a look at the list of fixes to be included in the upcoming COCO release.

  1. Preparation.

      • If you are using the latest file release, go to step 2. Otherwise, please install the latest file release.
      • If you are using a working copy, please update all working copies to the latest revision:
        cd PATH_TO_COCO
        svn update toolbox/* examples/*


        cd PATH_TO_COCO
        svn update */*

        Make sure that the SVN command
        cd PATH_TO_COCO/toolbox
        svn status */toolbox
        does not report any local changes.
    1. Check if the error still occurs.

  2. Collecting required data.

    1. Set a breakpoint at the line in the file where the error occurs.

    2. Run your computation until it stops at the breakpoint in the situation just before the error occurs.

    3. Execute the command

      save bug

      at MATLABS's command prompt. This will save the current workspace to the file bug.mat.

    4. Important! Confirm that the error actually occurs in the next step: click on MATLAB's continue button (or execute dbcont). If the execution does not terminate, but stops again at the breakpoint, go back to step 2.3.

  3. Creating the report.

    1. Create a new ticket here. The remaining instructions will be shown there.

    2. Attach the following files: the file bug.mat that contains the saved workspace, the file coco_log.txt that resides in the sub-directory "data/RUN", where RUN is the run identifier passed as the second argument to coco, any script- and function file that is necessary to run your computation (ideally, these are minimalistic files that quickly run into the error, we will refuse to re-run computations that take hours before the error occurs).

    3. Type a description of the error and include any further information that might be helpful to identify the problem.

    4. Submit your ticket.


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