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Help us by testing our hot BETA's!

Get involved! Private beta releases can be downloaded directly from the development server via the following URL. They're the latest SVN code compiled regularly after some of the release-delaying bugs have been fixed. Your help with testing these binaries, and feedback when appropriate, will be much appreciated:

Posted by David Kubicek 2012-04-07

Important fixes release 0.92.1

As per usual, shortly after 0.92, several users had requests for improvements. Guess one year lifetime of 0.91rc6 wasn't enough. :)

Anyway, there's one very important fix in this release: a piece of testing code remained in 0.92 and caused memory corruption, which could pretty much screw up the luxurious user experience you've come to expect from Cntlm. Sorry for that. :)

Binary packages now for i386 and x86_64 for both DEB and RPM. Nothing new in the cute Windows GUI installer.

Posted by David Kubicek 2011-12-10

New stable 0.92 is out!

Download now. Over a year of development and testing is now released as a new stable version.

Posted by David Kubicek 2011-11-28

Get your 0.35.1 now :)

Ok, so there are two requested fixes (Ubuntu administration and auths failed under certain conditions).

New stuff: available compiler autodetection, you don't have to shuffle with Makefiles on any architecture (e.g. AIX). Mac OS X supported.

Updated stuff: more debugging output for ugly situations. :) And minor code brush up.


Posted by David Kubicek 2007-11-23

<doctor-nick>Hi Everybody, 0.35 is here!</doctor-nick>

Get it now. If not for the built-in SOCKS5 server, at least people who experienced tunneling/HTTPS stability problems should.

See ya

Posted by David Kubicek 2007-11-05

Version 0.34 finally out!

Hello all,

new version is out with plenty new features for you to explore. ;) Even those satisfied should update:
(1) users have reported two bugs in 0.33, which could break on-line content downloading of some applets
(2) among new features there are some major security enhancements, line NTLMv2 support with strong hashes, password-less configuration and interactive password prompt; even if plaintext password is used (via options or interactively) Cntlm transforms it into a hash and removes all its traces from process memory to allow running in "enemy territory". :)

Posted by David Kubicek 2007-08-31

New release of 0.33 for Windows


win32 version of the ZIP file has been updated to include a INI file, which was previously missing. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by David Kubicek 2007-07-26

Re-download 0.32, please

Those who downloaded 0.32 during the night before Jul 13 11:00am, should get it again. There was a bug in the packaging, which I didn't notice until morning. Sorry.

Posted by David Kubicek 2007-07-13

New release 0.32

The new version adds support for multiple users per one Cntlm instance, which has been requested on the feature suggestion tracker (and implemented the following day:). This feature is called NTLM-to-basic and allows passing credentials using the standard "basic" proxy authentication scheme (e.g. via browser's popup dialog or proxy settings in other applications). This implementation detects failed authentication attempts and makes it possible for you to keep trying (until you get it right or give up) by informing the client (browser) about the real result. Other proxies don't do any verification, always accept your first try and therefore the client remembers it; if you made a mistake, you'd get "access denied" page for any URL and would have to restart your browser to try again.

Posted by David Kubicek 2007-07-12

New release 0.31


this is just to let you know about the new version of cntlm. Although there WEREN'T any security bugs found, I strongly suggest that you update. You see, this release has a fix for a nasty bug, which wouldn't allow you to use ftp:// style URIs with newer ISAs.

On a more positive note, v0.31 brings the support for chunked Transfer-Encodings, which is a MUST for HTTP/1.1 clients. Yes, you can live without it, but to make the protocol work, you'd be forced to set your clients to HTTP/1.0 mode. In such case the proxy might buffer and decode the chunks for you, but it's a complication nontheless.... read more

Posted by David Kubicek 2007-07-02

Homepage ready,

I have gathered the essential facts about Cntlm and put them on the homepage. If you'd like to see more, I'm open to any ideas regarding the content...

Posted by David Kubicek 2007-06-09

Initial cntlm announcement


cntlm has joined projects and its presentation web pages are being created. For now, I've released the latest sources and Debian packages. Soon, RPM stuff will emerge as well.

Cntlm has no dependencies and comes with a detailed README file, containing everything you need to know to master the magic "make install" command on any platform and install cntlm onto your system. Make sure you check out the man page and doc/ directory too. There's a generic init.d script there or you can use cntlm as a regular command line tool without the root privileges or any configuration file.... read more

Posted by David Kubicek 2007-06-05

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