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Jumbo 5.4.1 Released

5.4.1 is the latest stable release of Jumbo. This release includes a bug fix for a rare but severe problem with array delimiters. Maven users can obtain it from the WWMM maven repository at with g:cml a:jumbo v:5.4.1

Posted by Jim Downing 2007-10-22

Jumbo 5.4 released

The final release of Jumbo 5.4 is available from the sourceforge downloads page, or from the WWMM maven repository at with groupId:cml artefactId:jumbo version:5.4

Posted by Jim Downing 2007-09-25

CIFXML refactoring

The code formerly known as CIFDOM is now in its new home at . The package for the library is now org.xmlcml.cif (rather than

Maven users obtain the new package from the WWMM repo at groupId:cml artefactId:cifxml version:1.2-SNAPSHOT

Posted by Jim Downing 2007-09-25

CIFDOM 1.1 released

The CIFDOM 1.1 library for translating Crystallographic Interchange Files into a dialect of XML has been released. The source is available from subversion at or from the <a href="">sourceforge download pages</a>. Maven users can obtain the jar from the WWMM maven repository at with groupId:cml artefactId:cifdom version:1.1.

Posted by Jim Downing 2007-09-25

Legacy2CML 1.0b1 released

The converters in legacy2cml have been moved to their own release and the 1.0 beta 1 release is available from the File release area.

Posted by Jim Downing 2007-05-21

5.4 beta 1 Released

The CML developers are pleased to announce the 5.4b1 release of Jumbo, the Java CML and chemistry library.

Development on Jumbo's trunk has moved to 5.5, which is now open for new functionality development. 5.4b1 is now on a bug fix only branch, and 5.4 will be released when the last bugs have died away, probably in a few weeks.

Changes from the release report: -

Release 5.4 makes an honest elephant of 5.3, with some infrastructure improvements, some functionality developments and more bug fixes and unit tests.... read more

Posted by Jim Downing 2007-05-21

Jumbo 5.3 beta 2 released

Jumbo 5.3 beta 2 has been released, including a number of bug fixes. Unless other bugs appear, this will be the last beta of 5.3 and a final version will be released within weeks.

Posted by Jim Downing 2007-02-23

Schema 2.5 release candidate 1 released

The first (and hopefully last!) release candidate of version 2.5 of the CML schema is available for download.

Posted by Jim Downing 2006-12-08

Jumbo 5.3 beta 1 Released

Jumbo 5.3 beta 1 has been released. It's available in source and binary forms from the <a href="">sourceforge file release system</a>, or from CVS with module "jumbo53" on branch "jumbo-53-beta1".

There will also be a release of schema2.5 before the Jumbo 5.3 final release.

Jumbo development on version 5.4 will move to subversion shortly.... read more

Posted by Jim Downing 2006-12-04

jumbo5.0 and schema2.2 released

Jumbo5.0 is built from schema 2.2. Both are now frozen apart from bugfixes. Work continues on jumbo5.1 and schema2.3

Posted by Peter Murray-Rust 2005-12-07

Jumbo4.6 released

The releases for Jumbo 4.6 are now available. Choose one of the bin/src archives depending upon your architecture and win/all depending upon your platform. You sould also download the docs archive as it contains papers, tutorials and the api documentaion.

Posted by billyfish 2005-02-27

JUMBO-3.1 released

Jumbo 3.1 is an active project to create an XML-aware browser for chemistry. Jumbo reads CMLV1.0, legacy chemistry file formats and spectra in various JCAMP formats. Jumbo can read multple molecules both per file and per molecule. It has 2D layout and a substructure search routine.

Posted by Peter Murray-Rust 2002-05-25

CIFXML 0.1 released

The CIFXML package supports the Crystallographic Information File (CIF) through a DOM-based approach. It can read and write CIFs for standalone applications or to act as a CIF-adapter for other CML tools

Posted by Peter Murray-Rust 2002-05-13

CML and STMML Schemas

A snapshot of the current CML core and STMML schemas is available in the xmlSchema package.

Posted by Peter Murray-Rust 2002-05-13


A JUMBO snapshot using Java3D has been created (jumboj3d) and released. The package is viable, but users must have Java3D installed - we do not intend to give detailed support for this or to continue development.

Further 3D development currently uses JMOL, but no snapshot is yet available. The code can be found under cml/jumbo/java. This is not suitable for production use but we welcome queries from developers

Posted by Peter Murray-Rust 2002-05-13


SELFML is the XML version of SELF - Henry Kehiaian's project to capture physicochemical data. SELF uses a wide range of <b>Property Types</b> to represent properties and PeterMR has translated these into an XML architecture. There are extensive FAQs, demos and HTML/JS code. An exciting development is the automatic creation of authoring tools for data capture

Posted by Peter Murray-Rust 2002-05-12

STMML (Scientific Technical Medical Markup Language)

STMML is designed to support the publication of rich datuments (data+documents) in the Scientific-Technical-Medical domain. The CVS repository for the first release of STMML Schema is in the CML CVS repository

Posted by Henry Rzepa 2002-04-18