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  • Th3Bill

    Th3Bill - 2012-11-10



    Source built for Motorola Atrix.

    Has several optional apps, tweaks, etc for Motorola Atrix. Has Gapps built in. This will be updated over the next few days (written 11/10) to make the gapps less affected by system wiping :D

    Th3Bill V1 CWM HERE
    This is a source-built ClockWorkMod Recovery. It is NOT touch based. It can mount both storages to a PC. It has more options than TWRP, though it requires navigation using the hardware buttons.

    About CyanogenMod

    CyanogenMod is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. Linked below is a package that has come from another Android project that restore the Google parts. CyanogenMod does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.

    All the source code for CyanogenMod is available in the CyanogenMod Github repo. And if you would like to contribute to CyanogenMod, please visit out Gerrit Code Review. You can also view the Changelog for a full list of changes & features.

    Last edit: Th3Bill 2012-11-11
  • Th3Bill

    Th3Bill - 2012-11-10


    How To Flash

    1) Download Rom and Extras (Options Chooser/Gapps-if desired)
    2) Place onto the storage on your phone
    3) Reboot to Recovery
    4) Make a backup (If you don't, it's your choice...don't say I didn't recommend it)
    5) Flash The ROM (You will Wipe IN the ROM)
    7) Flash Options Chooser or Gapps (Optional)
    8) Reboot
    9) Enjoy


    I need the following
    1) What version
    2) What app/process
    3) What Optional flashes you have used
    4) Have you used TiBu to restore anything
    5) LOGCATS!!!

  • Th3Bill

    Th3Bill - 2012-11-10


    Thanks to DarkReality on XDA for getting this started

    Does Camera Work?
    Camera works most of the time. If you get a black screen or "Cannot connect to camera", reboot.

    Camcorder is laggy
    Install "Video Camera Illusion".

    Google Chrome won't work right
    This is due to Motorola not releasing the source and drivers for our device.

    The above 3 problems are due to Motorola not releasing source, or drivers, or both. Consider signing some petitions at supportmymoto.com if you want to help with this.

    What's changed in this version?
    Typically, ROM upgrades are just resyncs with the ROM base, however, you can find detailed changelogs for your ROM at:
    CM10: http://changelog.bbqdroid.org/#olympus/cm10/next

    How do I make my ROM look like the one in the screenshots?
    Most of the screenshots use a Cobalt theme. You can find these on Google Play in a variety of colors.

    What extra flashes do I need?
    None. The ROM on its own works as intended for most users. The following can be flashed if you need something they offer:

    Options Chooser: This contains Google's apps ("Gapps"), alternative launchers (Holo, Nova, etc.), extra music apps, and some other goodies.

    Bluesleep fix: A patch that can extend your battery life by fixing permissions.

    Without any of these extras, you will have a Google-free experience as the ROM was designed that works on Sprint and US Cellular.

    Do I need to wipe, or can I "dirty flash" (install over an existing ROM)?
    If you're installing a ROM in the same family as the one you have installed (e.g. they're both AOKP) and the Android version is the same (e.g. they're both 4.1.2) then typically you can flash dirty. Simply install the ROM, and if it asks, do not let it wipe system and data. However, you should nandroid before an installation in case something goes wrong. If you are moving from one ROM family to another (e.g. from AOKP to CNA) you should never flash dirty; also, you should wipe all if coming from 4.1.1 to 4.1.2, or ICS to JB.

    Can I just use Titanium Backup to backup/restore stuff?
    Sometimes. Never restore system data in a case where you should not flash dirty (see above). Restoring apps is fine but their data should also be treated as per above. Titanium has a very "forceful" method of restoring apps/data where stuff is restored without consideration for how the system is set up, and this can cause problems and has done so in the past. It is ultimately better if your apps can back up and restore their own settings.

    Th3Bill sure releases a lot of ROMs! How well are they even tested?
    Responsibility of your phone bricking or not working is all on you; however, I test several aspects of a ROM's performance, including cell service, cellular data, APNs, calling, SMS/MMS, web browsing, torch, camera/gallery, music, logging into a Google account/Play Store, theming, root (via Root Explorer), scrolling, USB mounting, Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS. I use Sprint CDMA for Photon...same framework/apps, but it's slightly different, so I can't test Atrix as I don't have one. So the ROM is tested to basically work before it is uploaded, although we're all human and mistakes are liable to be made.

    Battery life sucks! What can I do to extend it?
    Yes it does. 18-24 hours is possible with light use and some smart settings. Disable WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth when not using them. Turn off auto sync for your email and social notifications (only update when in the app). Using a dark theme and having your brightness well below 100%, and a low screen timeout (the screen should be off if you're not using it). The aforementioned Bluesleep fix can help. I recommend a battery called the Anker 1600, which provides less capacity but superior performance, and recommends against larger batteries as they can overheat and force reboots.

    Something went wrong! HELP!
    Okay, relax. Despite the fact that I tests each ROM extensively, I do not own a Photon (my daughter does, and I uses that when time permits) and cannot take the time to re-flash the ROM and try to reproduce your error. To facilitate a possible fix, you need to provide a logcat (a log of what your phone has done).

    > To do this on the Phone:

    Download the app Terminal Emulator from Google Play (if your ROM doesn't include it) and run that. This opens a command prompt on your phone. First type "su" without the quotes and hit Enter to become superuser (when doing this for the first time, you will be asked to provide root permission... please grant it). This will change the prompt from $ to # if done correctly. Now type "logcat > sdcard/logcat.txt" without the quotes. It will appear to do nothing; to make it "stop", after a few seconds for it to work, hit VolDown (essentially, CTRL) and C. Now you should have a "logcat.txt" on your SD card. Post what happened, what you did to flash the ROM, anything else that might help... and attach the logcat.txt.

    > To Logcat on a PC:


    1) Download Android SDK from HERE

    2) Place it directly in your HOME folder

    3) Extract the file there and rename the folder android-sdk

    4) Go to the platform-tools folder and double-click android

    5) Download at least the tools and platform-tools. You can download other stuff, but that's unnecessary for this exercise.

    6) Close SDK when it's done.

    Now to LOGCAT

    1) Navigate to the /platform-tools folder.

    2) Open a terminal

    3) Type in either A or B depending on your system

    A) (works on Ubuntu derivatives)
    sudo ./adb kill-server
    sudo ./adb start-server

    B) (Suse, Fedora, etc)
    (enter your password)
    ./adb kill-server

    Now, the server should be running....leave it open!

    4) Plug your phone into the PC (making sure that if it's ON, that you have android debugging enabled...or the proper edit in build.prop listed below)

    5) If your phone is OFF(meaning you can't get it to boot from a rom/mod you did), follow A). If your phone is ON (meanint working but has a FC somewhere), follow B)

    A) Type into the terminal the following
    ./adb logcat -C
    and press enter. Should say waiting for device. Turn on your phone. When it gets to a section where you see a large amount of red pass by on the screen (like 8-10 lines), go to step 6

    B) Be sure to turn off ALL apps that are NOT related to your FC (this makes it nice and neat for us to read the logcat)
    Open terminal and type in the following
    ./adb logcat -C
    and press enter. You should see it start to log stuff...it'll be going by really fast...don't worry about that right now.
    NOW, do whatever it is that fcs (open the app, process, etc) and wait for it to FC. When it does, go to step 6

    6) With the Terminal being your primary window in the PC, Press Ctrl +Z. This will stop the logcat output

    7) Search through the logcat for the section with all the red (you'll see a bunch of E's). Don't cut this up on us...we may need some of the other info

    8) Select about 30-40 lines ABOVE the red error section through about 10-20 lines AFTER the error section

    9) Paste this into Pastebin. Please don't send us this in an e-mail...it just looks a hot mess that way.

    10) Link to the Dev


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