Best way to clone usb stick to another usb stick?

  • Scott Tingh

    Scott Tingh - 2016-10-29

    Do the usb containing the clone usb contents need to be empty of files or can it
    contain some wordpad files? Any links on how to do this with two USB sticks.
    I dont want my HDD to contain anything of the cloned USB.

    Thank you in advance.

    Last edit: Scott Tingh 2016-10-31
  • lindylex

    lindylex - 2016-10-30

    "Usage would be something like sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=~/USB_image where /dev/sdb is your usb drive as listed by sudo fdisk -l and ~/USB_image is the image file where the copy will be made (a path where the image file will be created).

    To restore the image to another USB drive just invert the process: sudo dd if=~/USB_image of=/dev/sdb will restore ~/USB_image to the device sdb. Just make sure that the new USB drive is as big or bigger than the original one.

    You can also mount the image file you just created into a path without need to restore it first to another USB drive with mount ~/USB_image /mnt/USB_image -o loop."


    • Scott Tingh

      Scott Tingh - 2016-10-31

      Hi lindylex,
      Thanks for help. Quick question though.
      Are we using Clonezilla or can any linux distro's built in imaging tools do it since commands are linux based (in your solutions)?


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